Mobb Deep Announce New Album & Tour

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M-O-B-B 4 Life.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of their classic LP The Infamous, Prodigy and Havoc are releasing a new album and embarking on a 31-date tour.

The duo appeared on Huffington Post today and announcedd the double-disc, The Infamous Mobb Deep, which will also feature 10 unreleased tracks from The Infamous recording session, will drop in March. The tour kicks on January 10 in San Diego. Tickets for the tour can be purchased here.


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  • Hussle

    damn did they wake Hav up 15mins before the interview? LMAO

    • Elproblemo Djblast

      word yo looks like they pick them off the streets

  • 7thEmerson

    I feel like Havoc messed up the long run potential of this reunion. This could have been much better than it is now because no doubt, Mobb Deep are legends in the game. It’s a shame it turned out the way it did.

  • imhiphop

    naw.. i think Hav was actually still asleep in fact


    Knew the whole infamous album word for word.. classic shit the mid 90s was the best era in hiphop..

  • Nathaniel

    so havoc just gon rock the mickey mouse shirt. word?

    • fullyautomatic

      Lol I fucks wit Havoc HEAVY but my nigga dats not DA mob I know from 94′ cuzz lol FOH

  • Toni Strandman

    No European tour? c’mon man… you know they’d get alotta love over here… Need to see mobb deep live, was too young last time they were in Sweden

    • Toni Strandman

      sorry my bad just looked at the picture didnt hear when they talked about it yet..

  • LOL

    great for NY hip hop, these guys are legends whether you like it or not.

  • Damian Marshall

    This warms my heart

  • The Incredible Creation

    crazy how they started out as KIDS and now they really look like they could be someone’s grandparents but they still doing this shit… its great… hip hop lives on…