New Music: Asher Roth “Pot Of Gold”

pot of gold

Still Searching.

Asher Roth hasn’t reached gold status just yet, but he’s got it all on the first single off his upcoming Retro Hash, which he previewed in yesterday’s announcement.


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  • Antone512

    nah. i mean the raps are dope like always, but the “singing” is horrible… sounds like a reference for someone lol. with a dope singer on there he coulda had a banger

  • Peekay

    Hard to believe this is his sophomore album. Really liked his inaugaural effort but haven’t been a fan of his mixtapes. His singing is not going to help things, cut that shit out. I will give his album a listen.

  • brza

    I was actually looking forward to his new music but not this

  • Matthew Morgan

    Okay Roth easy with the melodies prefer you Rappin

  • Mike

    Check out this music video!!!!!

  • Pete Knoxx

    ro rockwell wayy better

  • J

    Asher’s getting played again. Just like his first album, this ones going to be most likely filled with radio hits aimed towards pop fans. His mixtapes are so fucking good, but this is why no one buys his albums…

  • JD

    Really? 4 years and this is the first song? Dude needs a mentor or something. Maybe lay off the hash for a while.

  • boogz

    Shoulda had cudi on there