• Iamkristmas

    Troy!!!! Tip kilt it tho…jeezy ain’t suck either tho

    • DoinTooMuch

      Jeezy actually had the best verse in my opinion

  • areal1

    Im fuckin with it and I didn’t even like the original version.go snowman

  • eastpointvet

    Much better than the other remix

    • tlox

      that a lie and you know it

      • eastpointvet

        Naw bruh this actually has energy from the original song and drake verse lacked that. This is more riot inducing.

  • Pastor!

  • besti

    T.I. !!!!! got me like wooooah once again

  • Realityover Industry

    Jeezy killed it!!!!

  • Aj

    Rich Gang diss?

  • Why do these remixes find them fucking up the beat with extra shit in the background?!?!?!

  • @bennedeto

    T.I.’s raspy voice made him sound like Lil Wyte for a moment.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Fuck a Rich Gang _____ _______________? 😮