The Breakfast Club Announce TV Show

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Breakfast At Revolt.

Video isn’t killing these radio stars. Beginning on March 3, 2014, Power 105.1’s morning team will be airing live on Revolt TV from 6am-10am. Says REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales:

“We are proud of this new partnership with Clear Channel; adding radio as a medium to REVOLT arsenal will help push the traditional boundaries of music television and expand our reach even further with millions of new listeners and viewers which is incredible for a fledgling network”


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  • king komet

    Big move from power 105. This is why they are winning and progressing forward and hot 97 stay angry and reminding people about how they used to be #1

  • From the beginning I always said that The Breakfast Club was my favourite TELEVISION SHOW!!!! I watch every episode of that shit. The way it’s filmed is impeccable and with guests from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Kanye they always have the best interviews. Video DID kill the radio star and that is why Hot97 takes the L, because people WATCH radio shows as much as listen to them, yet the way Hot97 films their programs is dark, dingy and horrible. On top of that, they don’t have colorful personalities, just elitist snobs like Ebro and Rosenberg.

    Hate on Charlamagne all you want, but that dude has a HUGE persona and him, DJ Envy and Angela Yee ave amazing rapport.

    • Ghandi

      Well said

  • L

    Is Revolt on DirecTv?

  • Mar-tian

    Love this!

  • Screw Clear Channel, this damn morning show is the one that replaced the local morning show we had in virginia and now they are gonna be on tv??? We didnt even want the breakfast club down here but clear channel just said screw you. Clear Channel fucked up radio now its aim is tv next

  • Keith Eades

    Revolt TV… This is a good look!

  • if my cable company carried revolt, i would definitely tune in.

  • kanye west

    good look