Kanye West On The Morning Riot

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Coming Home Again.

Kanye brought his Yeezus tour to Chicago earlier this week and visited  WGCI 107.5. He reflected on the early days bringing his music to the stage, spoke on his Adidas deal, Kim K, his interview with Sway and more.

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  • Guest

    fuck this nigga….straight up! I don’t give a fuck bout no louis vuitton BS or nothing else. this nigga need a ego check….I wish this nigga would try to talk to me like Im some bitch FOH!
    I’d be like: Kayne…save the “Poor ol’ me” routine for ya bitch. We don’t give a fuck if some designer didn’t want to work with you and hurt ya feelings. You married a whore who let half the NBA, MLB, NFL lay pipe down. Don’t sit here and think you gonna get away with talking to me how you talk to them Kardashians and white folks up in Calabasas California….keep tryna act holier than thou and Ima sit you and ya over inflated ego down with a left hook nigga! Have you wearing them masks in public to cover up that eye Ima fuck up…..oh n Steve Jobs and Disney wanted me to let you know that YOU WILL NEVER BE THEM so please remove the dick from ya mouth……..Anything else you wanna say Kanye? *IT DOESN’T MATTER* (the rock voice) GTFOH!!!”

    • bla

      pretty spot on with that one

    • its getting old

      hes being asked a question about himself and his craft. why get mad at him for answering with passion. stop hating one somebody striving to be more.

    • majormar

      Whole paragraph of hate… nd u won’t do none of that shit u talking bout. Stop e-thugging

    • IV

      Who fucked your girl Guest?

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani
  • True_enough88

    Keep pushin ye! They won’t get til it’s done..

  • Billow Baggins

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  • ¥Serino¥

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  • ThePhantom

    Yeezus lost it!


  • R.E.A.L

    This nigga internet thuggin like a bish smh .. Don’t look like that !