Skillz Raps Up 2013 In Sports

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Champion Sound.

From the black-out at the Super Bowl to Cano’s $240 million contract, Skillz recaps some of this year’s biggest headlines in sports exclusively for ESPN’s “Numbers Don’t Lie“.

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  • top of the south…

    The only rapper from Virginia… Salute.

    • TheChosenOne

      You do know that Pusha T and Malice, otherwise known as the Clipse are from Virginia right? So is Pharell, Timbaland and Missy. Have several seats.

      • OhGodYouSaidUWudSeeMeThruOhGod

        Glad somebody already typed this 4 me, i was bouta go in on dude lol

  • skeem

    he forgot Broner lol

  • Toates

    Shit was whack

  • Anon

    Didn’t Skillz say last year that there’d be no more Rap Ups? Guess he has to stay relevant somehow…

    • eastpointvet

      that espn check proved otherwise

  • ¥Serino¥

    new lead single from my upcoming project #TheRise called Do it right (ride) follow/like/share …@serinofl

    • The struggle is real……..