Drake “All Me” Goes Gold

big sean drake

Cannot Complain, Cannot.

Drake’s got everything, including another gold plaque on the way. According to the track’s producer Key Wane, Drake’s hit “All Me” featuring Big Sean and 2 Chainz has clocked over 500k in sales. Congrats!

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  • veesky

    Hate it or love it, his fan base is strong. He released that song for free in advance of the album and still clocked 500K in sales on just the single.

  • Billow Baggins

    If your into the conspiracy theories check out #theecstacyofgold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaeuI1Wi6B8 … RT,Like, and comment

  • Nice

    Congrats to Drake. Read that Wayne’s “she will” && “love me” both featuring Drake went double platinum as well.

    • Jxsper Noir

      So I suppose Drake is a legend then?

  • The wise

    How yall mother fuckers not even posting the passing of lord infamous!!!

    This site is gettin so commercial!! Fuck this

    • bigfoot2011

      Stop tryna act like he was some hiphop legend. When was the last time u wondered what happened to Lord infamous prior to his passing? FOH

  • Donn

    This dude is making his legacy strong and we get to sit and witness it. Congrats to this dude. From So Far Gone to 2014. Drake put in work

    • Hip hop head

      He wouldn’t have survived as an artist in the 90’s or even early 2000’s. He would of flopped and been forgotten about. Same with most new artists today.

      • ggogins

        For that to be the best thought that popped in your head that was good enough to post, makes you sound like a true hater. I grew up in the 90s and don’t see the relevance in what you said

  • tlox

    Hold On Were going homw went double Platinum this week too (2,000,000+) NOW if he can drop TROPHIES by the end of this week that will surely complete 2013 with a BANG

  • ¥Serino¥

    new lead single from my upcoming project #TheRise called Do it right (ride) https://soundcloud.com/serino/do-it-right-ride follow/like/share/retweet …@serinofl