R.I.P. Three 6 Mafia’s Lord Infamous


Infamous Times.Three 6 Mafia founding member Lord Infamous, was found dead in his sleep last night at his mother’s house in Memphis, Tennesse. He was 40 years old. According to group member DJ Paul, Infamous died from an apparent heart attack. Paul later told RollingStone:

“He was a legend in the game, truly ahead of his time. He was such a great lyricist and he always came with these different styles in his rap and his flow. Lord Infamous was the kind of person that never cared about having a lot of money or this or that. He just liked to make music, he liked to rap, and he liked to make people happy.”


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  • vanruddy

    RIP man. legend. shit depressed me today

  • djdoit

    Damn……..They almost got the group back together. This sucks. Lord was a beast! Always one of my favorite rappers but he’s always had a love affair with the good drugs. Sad that we lost another great rappers. Rip Lord Infamous aka Skarecrow aka Crow Vorheese. Sad day for the Underground. At least we got Da Mafia 6 album to hold us down next year.


      I know a bluegrass group that does “its hard out here for a pimp”….

  • Good Day

    Fuk that BITCH ass Devil worshipping ass nigga. Glad his bitch ass is dead. Good day for hip hop. NOw we just need the rest of that wack ass group to die.

    • devil^

      you sit here and say a group of ppl needs to die like that’s not devilish…

    • Killyoself Asap

      Bro you weak as fuck n errbody know it. That’s why u got that corny name and you commmentin on a dude that did more than u ever gonna do. Go put on that drake cd you butt pirate

    • I love Lord

      Jealousy is a dangerous disease bitch boy. I wish Lord would come haunt your ass and stick something in that boy pussy of yours. I know you have to be a dude because the bitches love the Lord

  • Good Day

    Lame fuk was at his mama’s house lmaoo

    • Killyoself Asap

      kill yoself a.s.a.p. you weak ass bitch

    • NoHomothough

      Fuck Wrong sleeping at his mama’s house? most likely was there to spend the holidays with the person who gave birth to him. You punk ass bitch.
      R.I.P Lord Infamous

    • lord i

      Its almost x mas u fuckin punk
      U dont see ur fam on xmas?

    • I love Lord

      Yes bitch at his mom’s house! Da fuck funny about it??? Who doesn’t go to mom’s house aside from unwanted thrownaways such as yourself. He was VISITING not living bitch. Another envious venomous jealous hearted mofo. I loved Lord as so many others do. Good bad right or wrong, he wasn’t perfect but he was a great soul. While you “laughing ya ass off” remember that one day you too shall die. He is a legend and literally the most known unknown! He holds that title Paul claims because Lord Infamous IS The King of Memphis! #the end

  • Ben


  • Good Day

    Nigga calling me corny but who the fuk even still use that word lame ass. ur over here hypocritizing urself over my username but look at urs hoe. stfu lame bitch why da hell r u even replying to a “corny ass nigga who aint doing shit with their life” for? says a lot about urself..

    • Guest

      “lmaoo” at somebody’s death?!

    • still devilish^

      Damn you got real mad… must’ve hit a nerve… maybe a little truth in what was said? the fact that your grammar, spelling, and use of words that aren’t real shows you don’t have an education above a 10th grade level which further proves you aren’t doing shit. you’re like one of those people who picket the funerals of soldiers, with no real aim in life other than to feed off other people’s misery. going around calling people devilish when in reality it’s the man across from you in the mirror that has the real problem. that is someone’s son and friend who influenced more than just a few people enough to be remembered on a website where assholes like you can go comment their hatred… I’m done with you go check over my words and tell me how many mistakes I’ve made because I know you’re salty enough to respond back with something dumb like that or with some idle keyboard gangster bullshit. RIP Lord Infamous.

    • Nick Perle

      This post is like that movie death at a funeral

  • JRLAKid

    Prolly ODed.

  • Nick Perle

    This thread of comments is like the movie “Death at a Funeral”

  • The wise

    Yall fuckers finally post up about his death a day later?!? This website is turning into straight garbage.. R.i.p Lord Infamous Loved the new shit he had on the mafia 6 sampler tape..people get it right it wasn an album it was a sampler .. But the new mafia 6 album im sure will be the dopest album to drop next year . An lets hope theres all the verses lord had while workin on this new album.. Im sure it will be the illest tape people have heard in a looooonnng time maybe even decades!!!

  • @bennedeto

    R.I.P. Lord Infamous