Kanye West Calls Drake A Rap God

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Rap God. Rap God.

Drake came down from Mount Olympus last night and attended Kanye’s concert last night in Toronto. Before concluding his set, Yeezy called Drizzy a “Rap God” and thanked him for coming to the show. Afterward, Kanye was found dancing on the ceiling at the afterparty.


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  • Real Talk

    If Drake a Rap God, what is Kanye ?

  • Toonamiguy

    Too many Rap Gods around these days.

  • The Association of Chronos

    I guess Em created another term to use in Hip-Hop. Or at least the phrase “Rap God”. Rappers been calling themselves Gods already

    • Nah’mean

      Nah bro Em didn’t create anything he just took the wave, this God thing come from the actual religious trend in Hip hop, Asap cohort where calling rap legends “God” since

      • ggogins

        A$ap??? serious??? Don’t you mean further back like WuTang??

        • Nathaniel

          try The Nation of Islam. 1930 – present day. that’s where even wu tang got their ‘slang’ (which isn’t really slang) from.

          • s

            were gonna end this at rakim.

  • titus tucker

    I can’t wait for rap heads to stop acting like Drake ain’t make history just because he ain’t from the 90’s..

    • tututhebadboy

      What history was that?.. not to prove your point, Im just curious….

      • emcee fresh

        most number one songs ever

      • titus tucker

        He revolutionized the industry.. He damn near single handily made mixtapes what they are today..

        • Raw Base

          Wayne revolutionized mixtapes.

          • Sean Power

            what ? you just going act like there was never a 50 cent who was the rap that change mixtape format to full song ?

            you dumb young niggas
            you act like rap started with young money

            everything drake does is what jay has done he just take jay name put his name take Brooklyn and put Toronto

          • tututhebadboy

            This is also true..well about 50

          • Toonamiguy
          • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

            Before u get off thinking u won & b4 I start i agree a lot of what’s coming out of YM is trash but my freshman year in highschool 2001-02 I heard Wayne jump on the “Best Of Me” joint by Jay-Z & Mya from a mixtape called ‘SQAD UP vol.4″ consisting of songs in the mixtape format we know today. A few months later I heard about 50 Cent Is The Future. Now Im not saying Wayne did it 1st but they definately started around the same time…Do your research 1st bro.

          • Toonamiguy
          • hasson

            How is Drake anything like Jay-Z music wise? They rap about 2 completely different things most of the time.. and you really think these young rappers are puttin out a mixtape cuz they heard power of a dollar? hell na and 50 cent put out a few mixtapes but nothing compared to waynes and not to mention the quality of the music wayne put on there..What did 50 really do? Put songs on his album that were on his mixtape it was 4 of the least popular songs on the album to fill it big fuckn deal

          • hasson

            i meant to say 50 cent is the future b4 somebody tries to clown on me for that ha

          • Toonamiguy
          • Enock Saint Juste

            hop off drakes fucking dick dog. If u gonna say 50 cent didnt revolutionize tapes more than any other rapper just to defend daddy then u are a fucking faggot with a dumbass opinion

          • Toonamiguy
          • Toonamiguy
          • Hannibal Lecture

            Im sorry 50 did that.

          • Toonamiguy
          • tututhebadboy


          • Toonamiguy
          • Toonamiguy
        • Neal

          You are crazy, that was done by G unit 50 cent and honestly they cant even take the credit but they was 1st to style a mixtape like a album, which is constantly going on today Drake is really Mase if he never went to church, but he opened doors just not how your saying

        • tututhebadboy

          He didn’t revolutionize anything. He rapped until he got picked up by a label who believed in Artist development. Jus so happened the label was being started by the best in the game at the time. He didn’t do anything single handed because his only mixtape that has that real acclaim is so far gone. I give you the number ones record thats true but thats bout it. Otherwise, Im a fan but I was always a way bigger fan of the usual favorites 50, Jay, Kanye, etc.. who’s hits were better and lasted longer. You’ll probably disagree which is ok but before you do, who are your general favorites besides Drake? It seems like you feel he’s “best rapper alive” material…

        • YouGonEatYourCornbread

          this nigga lmao 50 was the 1 who revolutionized mixtapes niggas been throwin out mixtapes before drake even lost his virginity

        • Toonamiguy
      • Toonamiguy
    • Toonamiguy
  • Rap Fraud

    Oooh gurl you too finneee heemmmmyahh
    I love my girl street smart

    This is the Rap God?

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    Fuck outta here theres only 1 rap god and i aint even gotta say his name

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    thats my take on this fuckery

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread


  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    this is coming from the same nigga that said hes “shakespeare walt disney google and a bunch of other inspirational muthafuckas…

  • Chronic

    This motherfuckers career was made off a song about how Jesus walks with him…and now he’s calling himself yeezus and calling everybody a god…kanye has lost his damn mind

    • Guest

      youre ignorant homie…

      John 10:33-35

      Contemporary English Version (CEV)

      33 They answered, “We are not stoning you because of any good thing you did. We are stoning you because you did a terrible thing. You are just a man, and here you are claiming to be God!”

      34 Jesus replied:

      In your Scriptures doesn’t God say, “You are gods”? 35 You can’t argue with the Scriptures, and God spoke to those people and called them gods.

    • Spellcheck

      you’re ignorant homie….

      John 10:33-35

      Contemporary English Version (CEV)

      33 They answered, “We are not stoning you because of any good thing you did. We are stoning you because you did a terrible thing. You are just a man, and here you are claiming to be God!”

      34 Jesus replied:

      In your Scriptures doesn’t God say, “You are gods”? 35 You can’t argue with the Scriptures, and God spoke to those people and called them gods.

      • ggogins

        You my friend….are one smart human. Excellent quote for the ones who don’t know better

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Drakes pretty dope… but no…. just no.

  • Respect

    The love fest between these two has gotta stop

  • el jim chapo guzman

    rapradar done fuckup their site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neal

    Kanye giving out passes alot these days

  • Kid

    Please, Drake is barley a rap angel.

  • basedgenie

    kanye west is a genius, but nah….drake is nowhere near a RAP god….hes a songwriting genius….but not a RAP god…..thats nas eminem level shit….

  • Sean Power

    how the might kanye has fallen i wouldn’t be surprise if jay-z never works with him again

    • Spellcheck

      you sound crazy… WTT 2 is going to be ridiculous. The tour after these solo joints… aww man

      • Sean Power

        never going happen between kim and the drake dick ridding, nah
        have you notice since WWT tour end you have you notice jay has been spotted morewith dame dash than kanye, both him and bey have out there album use all other producer but ye

  • guest

    50 made the mixtape format of turning other songs into your own, the same as wayne uses. but Drake created the format of making your mixtape basically a free album, which was followed by J. Cole and K. dot and everybody that releases mixtapes today. Give Drake his due.

    • marty mcfly

      Yeah but 50 did that about tens times more. They didnt count the sells of 50s mixtapes because they were sold in the streets as well as free downloads online but he probably went ghetto diamond a few times in the early 2000s. Drake did make mixtapes more like albums to the fans but without what 50 did, mixtapes might not even be a factor at all. 50 brought the attention to mixtapes and his early tapes were also like albums. Power Of A Dollar was actually supposed to be his album and Guess Whos Back was also supposed to be an album.

    • Tec1Nyc

      Fabolous started that with TINC trilogy which became a HUGE success and Def Jam re-released the series in retail stores.

      • guest

        TINC series was the same format as 50s. as far as songs and it had a DJ screaming all over it with hella drops. Like i said, Drake made his mixtape a free album, no drops. no dj. Just majority original songs. which was followed by J. Cole The Warm Up. Coles tape before that was The Come Up with a Dj all over. which came out in 07. When So Far Gone dropped in 09 it started the new mixtape wave that we in today.

      • guest

        So far Gone dropped in Feb. 09 and Thw Warm up dropped Jun.09, Cole clearly heard switched his formula after he heard So far Gone and seen all drake success and then the rest of the game followed.

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Why is this a story?
    Oh cause B Dot has to run to his laptop to post anything that a big name rapper does w/another big name rapper. Cause there are only 4 rappers out there.

    That’s it. According to this site anyway

  • Spellcheck

    funny how NOBODY messes with Eminem even on the blogs. Everybody shook

    • RaysMissingWhiteSuit

      Eminem is just to wack to mention anymore. I’m not interested in the watered down b.s he puts out today.

      • They hear it but don’t listen

        Go listen to MMLP2 Then Come Try This Comment again

        • Tranny_Chaser_Phil_Robertson

          I did. It’s trash, sir.

  • bronxbillyunz


  • marty mcfly

    50 Cent and the G Unit are the ones that revolutionized mixtapes. It was not Drake. If Drake as an X man his power would be going platinum in two genres of music on a consistent basis but he did not change the mixtape game. In the early 2000s, 50 and Gunit made mixtapes more popular then albums and then Dj Drama did the same. By the mid 2000s, 50 and Gunit released almost a hundred mixtapes with various content. That has not and probably will not ever be done again and they weren’t juts bullshit freestyles either. 50 took top charting songs from every popular artist at the time and put dope hooks on them as well as verses and Banks put dope 16s on them and Tony was yelling and screaming and hyping the shit up. 50 Cent (and all the mom&pop hip hop stores around the country that held on right up until that last minute b4 damn near all the music stores closed) elevated the mixtape game, not Drake.

  • YoungN’


  • marty mcfly

    Too many rappers calling themselves Gods, not enough Godly rapping.

  • Mike

    Check out this music video!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp0eN_807J0

  • sean

    could that been undercover shot at jay-z aka hova

  • toni 2 time

    lol @ drake bein a rap god… please…. not hatin but like toonamiguy said…

  • Malcolm Summers
  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt ™)

    Thats right. Makes since. A dude who happens to sing more than he raps is a rap god. Yeah. No doubt Kanye….smh.*sarcastic voice

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  • Big Mike

    GFTOH…really Kanye…really??…Drakes a rap god?….smfh

  • Neal

    Noooooo Yeezy don’t do it


  • Diégo

    I wonder how pusha t and common feel about kanye saying this

    • Tec1Nyc

      HA! Didn’t think of that til now..there feedback should be interesting

  • Abe6772

    Does anyone care about kanye anymore?

  • nirusxhonda

    drake is a nice artist i give him props but i’m not a fan but he got songs i bump can’t front on dude as far as a rap god that’s in the air….http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/


    Lol….love him or hate him, Kanye always somehow manages to stir some shit up. smh….go head’ yeezy…I ain’t mad at ya…lol

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  • Jxsper Noir

    Ye is one of my favorite artist but NIGGA WTF

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  • JD

    3 decent albums = rap god = proof of the insanity of this whole era

  • M.A.B.

    lol he’s more like a Rap Judas right now.