• BillyBobJohn

    Troy has really stepped his game up

  • DOPE SHIT!!! He killed that My Lifetime joint!

  • ualreadykno

    he got niggas attention now

  • spliffness

    This shit funny.. Dramas name lends to no more talk or downloads.. I hope he understands just like Khaled that there time is up.. That DJ mix cd shit(and dj drama mixtapes aside from a 50 collab or wayne/jeezy collab..) are over as fuck.. Not mixtapes in general just corny ass dj hosted tapes.. good riddance

  • YoungN’

    LETS GET B.DOT & Mr.WILSON TO NOTICE THIS VIDEO !!! SHOT IN HARLEM, NYC !!! RIP BIG L http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atNMyKy4VhE