New Music: Joey Bada$$, A La $ole, & Dyemond Lewis “Sol Luna”

so luna

Feliz Navidad.

As the new music continues on for today, Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew come baring gifts with their brand new track. Produced by Navie D. Secc$ Tap.e Pt. 2 coming soon.

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  • Chronic

    More people need to start hopping on the pro era crew producers beats…there production is hands down the best outta NY right now

  • Chronic

    And joey is the only dude who is coming at kendrick the right way…didn’t say a word about it and is putting out good music

    • jacob

      what are you talking about he has mentioned kendrick several times on twitter and even made a response song, step ya game up man

      • Chronic

        Shit your right…that shit was just so unmemorable I forgot

  • Black Moses

    That’s that smooth Hip-Hop.
    S/O to JB

    Y’all Give This Listen. It’ that coooh Hip-Hop:

    Vice-Versa (Prod. By Y.F.F.) – Eddy Moz

  • BeatisFire

    Beat is FIRE