Great work on the mixtape Fab. I think one day the Soul Tape 2 will be looked as a Classic. Hard for anybody’s tape to compete with that work of art. But Soul Tape 3 was straight.

    • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

      Soul tape 2 definitely a classic! Should of been a album

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        word my nigga

  • brza

    ST3 was solid 4/5 no complaints here

  • Tec1Nyc

    Soul Tape 3 was decent. ST1 was hot and ST2 will be considered a classic in the coming years.

  • sincereakilleez

    ST 3 is great and maybe considered classic after we have sometime to absorb more. 2 is classic hands down. Both are better than mant albums i hear out these days

  • Neal
  • LeVar Johnson

    Fab should be way more commercially accepted than he is. He consistently puts out quality music year after year. He has the respect of his peers and the streets but he has never been big in mainstream. I guess he just does it for the love.

  • Truth Works

    I’m cool with mixtape Fab, retail Fab can kiss my black ass. Mixtape Fab brings heat and retail Fab is just weak. Retail Fab makes uninspired cliche music for women who don’t, won’t, and never will buy his albums and Mixtape Fab gives away music millions of hip hop fans would pay for. It’s a damn shame that retail Fab wants to be Drake or some corny R&B rap ho. I’m sticking with mixtape fab that NY hip-hop.


      Fab been had that r’n’b friendly vibe way before you even heard of Drake so what you saying ain’t true, I discovered him on Clue tapes but most people on that Lil mo joint so from the start he played both sides. He went platinum once or two and you can’t tell me that was only on the strength of joints like “Breathe” or “Keepin’it gangsta” let’s be real. I would love for that to be true but it just isn’t.

  • Reggie
  • CmonSon

    He deadass threw another stone and hid his hand? Can’t respect that shit

  • disdiq

    Fab’s problem is that he tries to cling on to whatever is hot instead of creating his own style. He doesn’t have a distinct “oh that sounds like a fab joint” sound. I don’t wanna throw on a fab song and hear a meek mill or 2 chainz flow.

  • Myke

    Soul tape 3 will be looked at as a classic in due time LISTEN to the music nothing but quality straight through! Fab always remain true to himself