R.I.P. Doe B



Grand Hustle upstart Doe B (Glenn Thomas), was fatally wounded this morning inside a Montgomery, Alabama nightclub.  He was 22 years old. Three years earlier, Doe was shot in the eye resulting in him wearing a patch. Details are ongoing, but label boss T.I., sent his condolences via Instagram.

RIP to my lil brother Doe B. We gon miss u my nigga. U’ll never be forgotten & U WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN. We Love U champ. Always. Just rest now my nigga….WE GOT IT From here.

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  • $ TRAKEY $

    This is just so sad, 22yrs old plus he just became a father….R.I.P young brother, he was 1 of many who was putting OUR state of ALABAMA on the map.

    • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

      Y’all got sum fuck ass niggas down there fam, nigga prolly got mad cuz he was gettin stunted on or sum othere stupid shit. Im so tired of these dumb-hood niggas. Its cool to be hood to a certain extent but sum of these niggas just dont see the bigger picture smh

      • $ Trakey $

        Yea I gotta admit there is too many people with the “If I can’t make it, then you won’t either mindstate”….but that’s just about everywhere now days.

  • HotterThan FishGrease

    Dang … This ish fucked up … Nothing Da Lose Ent and DaBoiCA sends there condolences .. R.I.P my nigga …..

    • No need

      It’s sad he’s only 22 and for what? People need to stop the hate man worked hard to mAke it. And reps your state instead of playing he’s music you kill him

      • HotterThan FishGrease

        So y u bother

    • LuckyP757

      you’re one clown to promote your BS rap radar WONT post under a better niggas post about him dying. have some respect ill never buy your shit now

      • HotterThan FishGrease

        Who da fuck u talking to

      • HotterThan FishGrease

        Stupid mf always worrying bout something dat ain’t got shit to do with dey ass niggas , if I wanna put a fucking face behind my words of condolences then wtf it got to do with u Lucky9757 . U show respect by coming on here giving ur condolences an dats ut keep it moving da rest has shit to do with u an besides who r u to say u want by my shit like it matters. Smh again. .. #R.I.P to da Big Homie

        • LuckyP757

          thats one long ass no sense making comment bruh

          • HotterThan FishGrease

            Aiight my opinion ! Everybody got 1 …

  • Greedy Green

    Just opened up for him earlier this month in AZ! This is crazy, ratchet mutha fuckas are a plague in the minds of African American people and worse part is most of them think it’s cute. This bullshit has got to stop, our people need liberation

  • shanp

    RIP. Was listening to a song of his when I found out. So sad.

    • robemmmmm

      i see what you did there…very clever…

      • Word


  • Bigjohny

    I need some head

  • LuckyP757

    damn man, i fucked with doe b .. smh fed up world we’re in man RIP

  • G2G

    #G2G n #TX Fuck Wit (( Doe B ))

    #Follow me At @Grind2GetitDt <– Hot Artist

    • WTFSON

      stop promoting yourself on a post concerning a persons death.

      That is utterly pathetic, and sadly a vivid picture of where the black community as well as society stands today.

      You and the other dude up a few comments are on some fuck nigga bullshit

      • HotterThan FishGrease

        We send our condolences. …. wtf ya saying I can’t post my pic boi stop … #ripbighomie

  • Word

    RIP…did T.I. just essentially say that he’ll kill the guy who did this? On Instagram? Hope we don’t see another “T.I arrested” headline again in the near future.

    • RBS

      Pretty sure he’s referring to the Hustle Gang movement, meaning “WE GOT IT” musically… Doubt he’d be that blatant with any retaliation talk.

  • Ralph

    That’s fucked up b

  • OKKK

    both yall niggas promoting just got flagged, and i hope yall end up with a computer virus

    • HotterThan FishGrease

      U on here worring bout da wrong thing dats wats wrong with niggas today ,,, an still u missing the big picture , an that is giving condolences an if one feels like puta picture behind there words of condolences then big deal, it ain’t like nobody saying aey go get this shit here hot new music for yall aey aey nah… nigga it is just a fucking picture . You should focus towards the big picture an that is #R.I.P to da Big Homie ,,, from DaBoiC.A dam I hate da say my name, ,, motherfuckers gone say im fucking promoting smh dumb ass nigga

      • OKKK

        MY NIGGA, under you supposed “Big picture” of giving condolences by name dropping your ENTs, you have a BIG PICTUE of a mixtape or some shit. That aint by dude who should be getting the attention.

        THAT is promoting yourself in

        1. a stupid way.

        2. a fucked up way.

        but keep on keeping on. Get yo money, do yo thing.

        just try not to do it at another man’s, especially one who’s life was TAKEN, expense like you are trying to deny you did.

        • HotterThan FishGrease

          Im done with that , that’s just like me sending flowers to his funeral with no name saying who it’s from … but ok call it how ever u c it big dog … still an I say #riptodabighomieDoeB

  • NativeKing

    another from the dirty south…rip…

  • Matt

    Factz# can’t be a Rapper and a Street Nigga at the Same time . RIP

  • Mac1


  • Dante Cartier

    R.I.P Baby Je$us

  • Supremete

    it aint them thats killin us its us thats killing us it aint them thats knocking us off its us that knocking us off

    RIP Dope B

  • nirusxhonda

    22 my lord help us..we are so lost souls who need you..r.i.p to doe b..this life real..never was supposed to happen but god will get those who are affected through.

  • blackbeltbreeze

    it’s sad for too many reasons to write…but anyone from Montgomery knows Doe B is one of many youth to get killed or injured at the club where he died. Not just over the last 5 years, but over the last 30 years. An old man named has owned the spot for several generations and every few years there is a tragedy. Rappers, college students, street cats, factory workers, whoever. Whenever someone gets killed, the city pulls his license, then he shuts it down for a few months, lets peoples anger die down, then he reopens it with a new license under a new business name. There is a walk-through metal detector at the front door but it is usually not used or broken. Sometimes the security guards play favorites. Very easy to get a gun in there.

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Another major loss for our city and state. Too many to count at this point. It’s not that people are ratchet. Haters are everywhere. It’s more than that. Ask yourself why you can only name a few artists from Alabama when there are longstanding music scenes all around the state. Why was he at a club with so many well known security issues, and vulnerable in this way, when Shawt already died there a few years ago. The hoods were behind Doe B; he was well respected for being humble, hardworking and diplomatic. He shouted out the different neighborhoods and crews from the city. It’s bigger than ratchetness. The value of black life in Alabama is worth less than ramen noodles, unless you play for Auburn or Alabama football teams. The world is still talking about Natalee Holloway going missing in Aruba. Fewer will remember the countless kids who died across the state in 2013. Privately, their parents won’t have the money to keep their names in the news. Publicly, the business owners and most powerful political networks aren’t effected so they don’t care until it starts to make them look crazy.


    Our liberty and original divinity has been compromised since genesis, and as a people we should support and show love, instead we perpetuate madness on each other. I don’t know the majority of these rappers personally but its always tragic and Sad to see our youth lose their lives to senseless violence. RIP young brother, one time for Doe B


    I hardly ever post however I felt so inclined to do so on this post. To keep it 1000 I never heard of this nigga until they said he was killed and I visit this site almost everyday which means y’all never posted none of this nigga music but now wanna have a post because he’s dead now. FOH with the BS. You want to be mainstream or underground which one is it? But RIP to dude, from the overall outpouring he seemed to have quite alot of supporters.

  • DJ Blacktimus Prime

    coons will be coons…. let me find out!

  • This is sad.

  • Velma Garcia

    So sorry Ti. Rip Doe.

  • chuck

    The nigga was jealous of doe success cuz went hard on the mic r.i.p bro dats sad bro i hate black on black violence man