New Music: Drake x Soulja Boy “We Made It (Freestyle)”


All The Fixensss.

There’s only three days left until the New Year and Drake’s already celebrating. Over Soulja Boy’s mixtape cut, Drizzy reflects on his exploits and grind over the past six years years. “Trophies” up next.

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  • BK

    The track ain’t working right now but that’s probably for the best, I don’t got time for this clown shit. YMCMB fools!

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    I never thought I would see the day that Drizzy would work with Soulja Boy and man his verse was so bad.

    • Kasseen

      He didn’t work with him he just took the beat from soulja boys newest mixtape and put two verses on it along with some movie cut scenes added….

      • Cam TexasBoy Perry

        He still working with him if he hopped on his song and give him the buzz he needs

      • D Seawright

        whats the name of that movie?

  • Oz

    biting flows now?

    • John Black

      It’s the same flow he used on versace. Not really biting.

      • Chronic

        The flow he used on Versace was biting migos though

        • John Black

          Nah son. He just adapted his style to theirs to suit the song. That ain’t biting. He did the same thing on Tony Montana

          • AFRICANBOY

            So who is he adapting to on this track with that flow,since Migos ain’t on here? Lmao He doin em like Big Sean with that “supa dupa flow”, he over doin it now so people think that’s his shit lol

          • John Black

            I somewhat agree with your statement. He’s not adapting his flow on this track. And yes, if he uses this flow for much longer people will probably think that he invented it. But you’re overlooking the fact that Soulja boy himself was the first one to use this flow and not Migos. And this is basically a sort of evolution of the “out of breath” flow Soulja Boy introduced on Pretty Boy Swag

  • tlox

    SMH only Soulji boy can make Drake look bad this song will most likely grow on you though

  • JoeB94

    Drizzy literally kills everything since 2011.. hes unstoppable

  • Chronic

    I’m starting to think there’s some truth behind my theory that drake will only do shit with/co-sign wack rappers ever since control came out.

    • Word

      Him and Wayne often work with lesser rappers to make themselves look far better in comparison. How do you explain the Lil B and Chicago kid that Wayne worked with. Plus Drake teaming with Migos and Future made him look hotter in comparison, and helped them out too.

      • free

        But how about Pound Cake

        • NiggaIMadeIt

          well, jay’s verse sucked, so that helped.
          #cake #cakecake #cake

          • Sean

            Get him a red nose you clown cake if you thin that verse sucked

        • Chronic

          Was most likely recorded BC (before control)

          • e44

            don’t make that BC ish a thing get off charlamagne’s d**

    • Litty

      Drake’s supported soulja boy for a while now. Posted the Zan Lean remix and Conceited (where soulja bites Drake’s im on one verse) on the OVO blog. Wouldn’t read too much into it, a collab has been a long time coming.

    • ShatteredWorld

      The hate is schrong

    • RBS

      I think you’re missing the point that he probably really fucks with the beats & wants to rap over them… And last time I checked, Jay-Z wasn’t considered a wack rapper.

  • Word

    What’s with the picture?

    • haann

      314.3 million NIGGA WE MADE IT

  • haann

    Drake season commences

  • deadross

    314.3 mill we made it!

  • Donn

    Honestly, the way people respond to every Drake post and verse he does shows his relevancy in the game right now.

  • Josue Bautista

    the Beat wasn’t that bad and I thought Drakes verse was Weak. He repeated We made it too much

  • RashadP

    Yeah..For whoever don’t wanna hear a song with Soulja boy check me out something different

  • MacGf5

    I think this is one of those joints he made that will grow on you… but he catering to the south with We Made It but I be lying if I said I’d get turnt up to this at the club.

    • MacGf5

      if I said I wouldn’t get turnt up to this**

  • brza

    this is just a 4 bar loop *cringes* and Soulja Boy smh

  • brandon ep

    am i the only one that can’t hear the song?

  • Frontrunner

    Banger until Soulja started in…Disappointed that he still caint spit.

  • WhatYouNeed
  • JD

    Soul tape 3>>>

  • key
  • key
  • Chronic

    Dude needs to just drop trophies now for real though…an kendrick needs to drop that song from the dre commercial

  • Dashing28

    Must be just me. Wasn’t feeling it. Got bored real quick.

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    Drake is doing this to show you that he can make a hit song with anybody, first Migos now Soulja Boy.

  • Fanzee

    track is hard! And i only like a handful of Drake songs (maybe 4-5 tops).
    He’s definitely letting it be known that he’ll be around for a long time. Reminds me of Jay in a way…but more talented and progressed. Excited to see if Kendrick comes through on his 3rd album.

  • Reggie
  • Novakaine

    His album was a flop so he trying to stay relevant they still talk about GKMC ain’t nobody talking about his album

  • JADatsyuk

    Move along, nothing to see here…”Trophies” up next.

  • Jaye Chris
  • Damian Marshall

    Versace Flow.

  • Hymen Hammer

    soulja stole lil b, chief keef, migos flow
    now he down to ‘birdman talking at the end of the song’ bars

  • GNAR

    oh wow gnarly. Listen to these rap turorials

  • Local Yokel

    Winning Time

  • redvelvetbeats

    so he just changed the words and used the same rhythms from his verse in the language tho

  • yessssizr

    Shut the F*** up and enjoy the show.

  • Drake will do Drake no matter what. So sometimes its good to see him venture off and do the unexpected