Drake “Worst Behavior”


We can all relate. This is the sound of Aubrey’s two middle fingers goin up in the air against the detractors who thought the kid from Degrassi would never make it in the rap game. So many quotables including “Hold my phone” and a dash of classic Ma$e swag, make this an undeniable anthem. “Worst” is the best. —YN

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  • Samsohn

    YOU are the worst YN

  • wei sheng

    who ever in there right mind thinks that drake is not a true emcee then you don’t know hiphop!!!!

  • French Toast

    This song old as shit lol It’s time to move on guys lol smh

  • Hotgorbo

    YN is def on OVO’s payroll. He use to be a viable journalist now he’s just a dick rider, but YOLO