Lil Bibby: Free Crack


Lil Bibby sounds gruffy. The young MC’s delivery makes him sound like an OG. Guess growing up in the mean streets of Chicago can age you. His 17 track mixtape, Free Crack showcases his tough upbringing and his potential for great heights. Hosted by DJ Scream, this is a satisfying listen.

Things kick off on the autobiographical “Bibby Story” where he lays out the blueprint: “I’ve been locked up, shot at, and damn near died back/When I was 16, lil nigga, big dreams.” And is he later throwing lyrical shots on this song at some of his fellow hometown peers, “These niggas illiterate and ignorant/They not even completing sentences.” Ouch.

But what makes Bibby truly stand out from his local peers is his versatility. He sounds way more comfortable over Hit Boy production than Young Chop. “Whole Crew” proves this in trunk rattlin’ fashion. Also addictive is “Water” which shines with a sped-up soulful groove; and “If You Knew” which has that boom bap like classic Big Apple rap. Remember: “It’s 10K for a show, nigga.”

Although he connects with rhyme partner Lil Herb on two songs (“Know Somethin” & “Shout Out”), Bibby proves with engaging material like the exceptional “Stressing” that amongst his new generation of spitters he deserves to be a top choice. It’s mostly the voice.—YN

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