New Music: Drake “Trophies”


No Award For That.

Drake’s DJ Future The Prince previewed this two months ago on the Brooklyn leg of Would You Like A Tour. And after much persistence from YN, here’s the full version. Produced by Hit-Boy. Co-produced by 40, Hagler, and Rey Reel.

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  • West West

    Yell my nigga YELL!!!

  • Truth


  • KenethKaniff

    sounds better without the hook

  • Dashing28

    well, this is much better than the Soulja boy joint…

    Beat is dope.

    Hook is catchy.

    But the verses are just ehhh…It aint a Drake beat. Ye, Pusha, Meek, even 2 Chainz, coulda killed this beat. Verse is not bad, but it’s nothing special.

    This is when Drake needs a feature from 2008 Wayne.

    • SpiderGuy

      Wait Ye yes Wayne 08 yes Push yes…

      But the thing about Meek and Chainz is the pocket! Not sure if the would have found it like that! Cause its one thing to have bars and another to find the right flow for it!

      • Dashing28

        I wasn’t thinking of them for bars, more for flow, energy and charisma. Likewise with ’08 Wayne.

    • IV

      We made it > Trophies

  • jsar

    Not feeling it. Better than the soulja boy record though. Good, but was hoping for more from Drake.

    • Guest

      What soulja boy song?

  • M25

    This is weak, 2011-2012 Drake > 2013 Drake by far. Where is the substance, he is so repetitive! Watch everyone dick ride this song because it’s Drake

    • Ant Greene

      You should try some yoga, you seem so angry…breathe

      • brza

        *DEAD* lol

    • GreenBergs

      lol there isn’t too much of a diff. in the 2011-2012 drake compared to the 2013 drake lmao

      • MNJ

        Exactly, they’re both wack

    • lolo

      You cant say drake is repetitive because look at everyone else in the game like gbe or the migos…. They tlk the same shit nd sometimes on similar ass trap beat

      • Mike

        Lol, you comparing Drake to GBE and Migos. This tells you how far hip hop has Regressed

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Dead lol.

      • chace

        All the trap beats are similar!

      • CmonSon

        Lol so this isn’t repetitive because Migos are repetitive also? great argument

    • It’s Just Music

      when drake makes a song with substance, everyone calls him soft and gay.
      When he makes shit like this, you guys still hate.
      Make up your mind.

      FYI, music is suppose to be fun, not every song needs to be serious or have a meaning

      • heruthagod

        When has drake made a song with substance? What does he rap about other than women who he’s no longer with & money/fame?

        • It’s Just Music

          not everyone is dealing drugs or in the ghetto man.

          you must really believe rappers actually live the life they rap about smh

          drake raps about shit everyone could relate to, if you can’t relate you must be gay

          “just know that i don’t make music for niggas that don’t get pussy, so those are the ones I count on to diss me or over looke me” ~drake

          • heruthagod

            This is why I think most drake fans are suburban fuckboys & teenage girls. I said nothing about the ghetto (making music with substance doesn’t always mean talking about problems in the hood). But you seem like a pretentious dickhead anyway & I know these rap niggas don’t live the thug life they claim that’s why I don’t listen to guys like Ross & if I do listen to gangsta rap at all its either Freddie Gibbs or some 90’s hip hop. Anyway, that’s cool you need a drake record to get some pussy but me & you are two different people. I don’t need to play some simpin ass baby come back drake songs to fuck.

          • Heruthahod’s mom

            This guy gets no pussy.. Lol

          • heruthagod

            You really made that name lol I can tell already you aint had pussy since pussy had you, what a fucking clown

        • ShatteredWorld

          Tuscan Leather, Started From the Bottom, Furthest Thing, Wu Tang Forever and Own It (both can be interpreted as love for Hip Hop), Connect, Too Much, The Motions. All recent Drake songs with all having a great amount of substance.

          If you’re going to be an idiot, at least be an educated idiot. Whatever that means…

          • heruthagod

            WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT OTHER THAN RELATIONSHIPS? & HOW FAME/MONEY EITHER HURT HIS RELATIONSHIPS W/ FRIENDS, FAM, AND EXES OR HELPED HIM GAIN NEW RELATIONSHIPS? I really want to know honestly. Drake is talented but he’s nowhere near as good as people make him out be imo. His last two albums sounded very similar & his subject matter lacks versatility.

          • ShatteredWorld

            In Tuscan Leather he does talk about the adverse effects of fame, but what rapper truly doesn’t? You can’t say “oh, all Drake talks about is what fame has done”, point the finger, and not notice when Kendrick or Lupe or whoever do the same thing.

            Started From The Bottom is a hype track that explains Drake’s growth from a period of childishness to that of a young adult.

            Connect is about a relationship, I’ll admit, but just because he’s talking about relationships in the song doesn’t mean that it discredits the vivid images of his lyricism and verses.

            Too Much and The Motions are both open tracks about either his family or people in the game.

            Finally, I’ve gotta address your “his last two albums sounded similar”. No. They didn’t. Musically, you can hear the blatant differences between Thank Me Later to Take Care to Nothing Was The Same. Although Drake’s nuances are obviously going to sound the same (because that’s his style), you can listen to the albums back to back and hear great differences in sound.

            And this shit “his subject matter lacks variety”? Really? Like I said:

            1) All rappers have certain themes and moods that they tend to revolve around more.

            2) Drake’s subject matter is actually extremely well in variety; even when he talks about fame, girls, relationships, the game, etc, he does it in much different degrees (compare Cameras to The Motions and you’ll see, why’ll both songs are great, The Motions delves a lot deeper.)

        • Jack

          Bro, he’s doesn’t rap about that anymore. He’s trying to be less like Wayne. Listen to From Time.

    • spliffjones

      what? so far gone drake 2009-2010 drake was the best.. 2011-2012 was a bunch of hype with no substance.. now he at least he lives his life.. i grew to respect the soft canadian self..

    • tlox

      NIGGA this song has nothing but substance the meaning behind this song is DEEP stupid

      • dmilt

        No. This song is very light on substance. It’s actually a self – titled “fuck a stripper on a mink rug song.” It’s dumb swag stuff. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I do. Drake is awesome. Butt this is not substantive.

  • Sean Power

    this what YN has being going up going crazy over ? yawn not impress by new years day we will forget about this

    once another over track by drizzy

  • HeyBuddy

    This song definitely Ye on it. It’s good but just sounds like a needs something a little bit more. And it damn sure doesn’t need Wayne.

  • Drakefan

    good flow, dope hook, verse´s are weak but no disaster…still ok…
    This is defintely go into my ipod!
    (if i have one:D)

  • Drakefan

    i gave this record 8/10

  • Chronic

    The beat is incredible…but average bars

    • Taurus

      He pretty told u its a club song…why ppl analyze deeply everything Drake does whereas other rappers u dont care about their liars & fakeness ..Drake aint scare to experiment his flows & still dope

  • Tsew Eynak

    Rap is weak. Beat is weak.

  • Ant Greene

    Who ever not feeling this, they just hate themselves! I blame your parents

  • Antg32

    We Made It freestyle way harder!!!

  • Cmon Son

    Niggas acting like YN is the reason Drake released this song. Mad hype…average bars….I like the energy but keep trying son

    • Sean Power

      the way YN been hyping it would seem that way

  • onenutned

    shit basic as hell…..very underwhelming.

  • it’s the roc

    This sounds like some Big Sean type of shit. By that I mean, this is EXACTLY how Big Sean would have done it had he gotten this beat, from the cadences on down. I wouldn’t give Big Sean any major props for making this, and I won’t give Drake major props for making a typical Big Sean song. The record is cool, but jeez the hype is out of control these days.

  • Jaye Chris

    very dope

  • Jivenchy

    This beat was suppose to go to Childish Gambino but he didn’t want it so Hit-Boy gave it to Drake

  • Illverse

    The beat sounds like a stripped down “All Of The Lights” . The bars are just average. I guess timing is everything and the timing is impeccable since he didn’t get a grammy nod this year.He doesn’t try as hard as he used to on every verse, success does that to most, the exceptions are the truly great ones.

  • Rod Markie

    Smh damn, Drake is at the level where he can just take you niggas for a ride. Anything he does y’all call it a masterpiece or classic. This beat is probably top 3 beats this year and top 10 in the last 5 years. With an amazing beat produced by a genius like hit-boy this is all Drake could come up with? Weak flow, weak lyricism, No rhyme scheme and repetitive content. Don’t get me wrong it aint garbage but it’s weak he will have to come harder if he wanna hold on to that top spot.

    • M25


  • Kellz
  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Is Drake even trying any more? This shit is trash!!!

  • Donn

    The dope thing about Drake is that every track he drops elicits a response from the HipHop community. Like people who don’t like Drake have an opinion on him. And that’s what makes it dope. Cus how many posts on here do you not respond to. But soon as you see that NEW DRIZZY!!! LOL

    Honestly, dude’s music just motivates you to go out there and get it. No hate on this side

    • brza


  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

  • brza

    was really looking forward to this record after hearing the snippet at the concert but kind of a let down

  • ohsofly

    i would have preferred childish gambino on this beat

  • brza

    needed one more verse but those horns are dope though

  • E

    Drake is one the best out no doubt. However this is weak.


    expected more…dope song nonetheless…

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  • KayandGee

    beat fire!


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  • JADatsyuk

    Ehhh…it’s aight. Beat bangs, but underwhelming bars. Definitely overhyped.

  • nirusxhonda

    i like it.i think its the way he flows and i’m not even a drake fan.

  • Neal

    Drake been killin this wk

  • 23

    Drake, Game, Nas and cole

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    Rap hasn’t been the same since the blogs opened up the comment section. Just chill and listen to the music

  • Damian Marshall


  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

  • Gift


  • PlataKnows

    This song is a song that hypes you up so you don’t need lyrical Lines to make it better just the beat is enough just to enjoy it

  • d

    2 chainz could have killed this

  • 2K14

    Who is YN?

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  • Go go gadget radar

    Penny is in trouble

    GO GO

  • MOTHAFUCKIN HORNS! Salute to Hit-Boy & Reel. #TIMELESS

  • nhuh

    drake the best ever

  • FAME_Richdreams_Ceo
  • chris kelly

    Drake over and underrated… No rap god tho!