• That Nigga

    Dope track

  • bumpy johnson

    dope track ..

  • bigfoot2011

    Dope ass track. Def checking for Coke boy 4

  • bumpy johnson

    French always come tru with the dope soulfull samples …..

  • Neal
  • honest

    Yall silly… this sound like the same old trap shit…

    • french taped khaleds mom

      yo french we didnt want your compilation 1st album and when it went double wood u understood too.
      so at this point u wasting time releasing anything else to the public.

      we dont like you or your trash music.

      give up. u the ny dj khaled….cornballs roll with other cornballs.

      u was just internet and twitter buzz.

      dont get gassed again thinking different.

      • bigfoot2011

        Unfortunately for u, Brittany spears, BIG Sean and 2 chainz did the same numbers as french on their last albums. Just cuz u don’t like dude, doesn’t mean he ain’t poppin. Go to the club and see.

  • ice

    Dope track…

  • Tec1Nyc

    I thought it was Snoop Lion? Lol

    • NicoSWEBaby

      So Mac Miller is just Delusional Thomas or Larry Fisherman? You are the dumb fuck that I hate, everyone thinking Snoop has changed everything about him. It’s a god damn persona, an alter ego, just like Snoop Dogg is. GET THAT IN YOUR FUCKIN HEAD

      • Tec1Nyc

        Its that time of the month madness!!

  • 1 2 3

    “Some other…”

  • Viva LA Raza

    Lana Del Rey sounds tight..on HER song..the rest, ummmmmmmm…

  • Johnny B

    Hardest beat I heard this year! Made French sound like he was actually saying something

  • John Jay

    They are just voices with empty lines…sad, beat is really solid