New Music: Maino, Bodega Bamz, Chinx Drugz, Troy Ave, Mack Wilds, City Boy Dee “Banned From Radio”



Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Drewski, round up some of the Rotten Apple’s natives for a remake of N.O.R.E.’s classic posse cut. Nothing will ever top the original, but this deserves heavy airplay.


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  • bowtie_fly

    NYC trying to make a come back in 2014 or nah??



  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Dope. I think people seem to expect too much from NY artists and for some reason southern artists can get away with being wack and saying dumb shit but when a NY artist does it they get hate.

  • Light skin Tremaine

    This shit is exactly why NY fell off too many old niggas still living in the past, hip hop was & will always be about the new, maybe we should just face the fact that NY doesn’t have the talent anymore

    • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

      What old niggaz is on this track tho dick head?

  • xxx


  • K.W.M

    ooohh kill em mack

  • Matthew Morgan

    This was good….all yall need to stop hating these days hip hop just got different lanes and as far as I see new york need that.

  • kicksonfire

    Tough.. Feeling this..

  • Neal

    A “R&B” singer went harder than the “rappers” this is why New York is semi in the state it’s in. SMH. Overall is was just aight. This WOULDN’T be beneficial to play on the radio because majority of listeners would just switch stations.

  • It’s Over

    Wanna leave something behind in 2013? Leave this wack-ass “Bring New York Back” crap in 2013 and stop crying! Also, stop crying for air-play from a radio station who’s a shell of what it once was.

  • ice

    I fucks with troy ave all day maino is garbage his career is finished, chinx drugz decent rapper can’t wait 4 cb4

  • kanye west


  • Cipha Connect

    Ill track. Classic in the making!!