New Music: Nicki Minaj x PTAF “Boss Bitch (Remix)”

Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2013

5 Star Bitch.

Nicki Minaj’s getting back to rap and implants some bars over PTAF‘s underground single. Kid tested, THOT approved.

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  • Hussle

    god nicki is fine af in this pic

  • kicksonfire

    she went in, its long drawn out… no female is touching her, cause them chicks is whack.. they need writers..

  • kicksonfire

    the ten commandments to a boss bitch

  • KayandGee


  • Chronic

    Damn she fuckin went off on this, definitely the best chick doing it when she chooses to actually rap hard…nicki may’ve actually meant what she said on Rosenberg when she said she was focusing on rapping again

  • basedgenie

    i hope nicki’s next album is dope enough to put her into the lauryn conversation

    • bowtie_fly

      She is not in Lauren convo yet? She has done more than Lauren. Lauren actually underachieved. She has had more of a conscious impact than Nicky, but that is about it.

      • Belize

        this niggas: is the epitome of a young dumb nigga thinking. Conscious impact > you shopping at kmart. foh lil man

        • bowtie_fly

          Bru, Lauren’s songs empowered our culture and it was not all about money, boss chick, clothes and bottles. So, she did have more of a conscious impact than Nicky. But today’s society does not care about that, so Nicky wins. Sensitive nigga, read right.

      • basedgenie

        she went 8x platinum on her own, and 6x platinum with the fugees

        Lauryn is in the LEGENDS conversation…nicki didn’t even make the kendrick list hahahaha

        but you don’t hear me though,

        In any case, Nicki has a more developed business acumen which can take her further than lauryn but her actual body of work needs to step up to be in that conversation

  • Jon Smillz

    Incoherent shit. I fuck with it, you should too.

    • Mr. C Anderson

      This is dope and better than this post honestly. All respect to Nicki. Keep going! Maybe one day this site will post some Solo Jones stuff.

  • Richard Kylea Cowie


  • Richard Kylea Cowie


  • I’m just gonna say it… I wanna fuck her so badly. I would literally pay for it. No more than $500 because I won’t have enough to get home after, but I would pay money to lick her anus. #FactsOnly

  • Free Agentz

    Yeahhhh!!!! lol TU!!

  • How come no one put an old sex tape of this chick out yet????? I would literally pay!

  • PhilLee8

    If all wanna hear a chick really spit just scroll down to the next post. Rapsody will run laps around this chick. “want the cookie so i gotta chips ahoy these ni$$as”?! smh

  • aight she killed this shit.

  • Neal
  • Donn

    I’m not gon’ lie, I do not like Nicki Minaj and she has made me cringe enough times to name but SHE MURKED THIS TRACK. I will give props when it’s due. She definitely can spit when she really tries. More of this Nicki and less of that Starships shit.

  • Bh

    Luv it

  • RIV

    That pic tho^^ got damn….

  • Me

    The Future (Get It How U Get It Remix)