New Music: Raekwon Ft. T.I. x Doe B “I Wanna Know”

CMJ Showcase With Raekwon

So Many Questions

In the wake of Doe B’s passing, Raekwon liberates this track featuring the fallen rapper and T.I. In related news ,a  suspect has been arrested in connection to the murder.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    rip doe b,raekwon sound like that old raekwon on the purple tape.i would rather raekwon be on the whole song by his self.

  • hiphip

    T.i. Murk every track he gets on

  • Venom


  • yesyesyesyouknowitstrue

    Talkin’ ’bout robbin’ me and shit
    Let me find out
    Shoot up in here where you hidin’ out

    some of doe b.’s lyrics. I dont understand when these so called goons/thug rappers “gangsta rappers(even though its a travesty to call them that)” end up getting murked.. he is talking about killing people in these songs.. when he gets murked up dirty like he is talking about i have no sympathy.. if your gonna spit your lyrics you better be ready to live them. especially when your low on the totem pole like doe b is in the rap game.. its hard to touch ross.. he can have as many fake shootings set up as he wants but when someone wants to catch his ass they will..

    Anyways.. i feel sorry for doe b;s mom.. not him.. he is an ignorant mo fo who didn’t deserve to die but if he is claiming he will kill he better be ready to get popped up. cuz people will shoot.. his ass aint prolly see the bullet comin to his right temple

    so rapradar.. stop putting up this so many questions bullshit.. there is not that many questions.. look to the lyrics and the life he wanted to portray.. if he didnt want that life he should went to a factory

    sorry doe b’s mom.. your son was ignorant. no sympathy for the peanut brained imbecile.

    • murderdeathkilllyrics

      I see what your talking about. This song has some dumb killer shit portrayed by Doe B. Sad he is dead. But running your mouth like that has its problems. Even if you claim its fake because your a rapper. Well rappers, don’t be fake. Learn from Doe B. You will get shot if you act and talk reckless and dont have the money and bodyguards to back you up ala Rick Ross.

      • J Money

        Why u on da kid Doe B shidd u say he was portraying to be someone that he’s not did u know him do u know wat he been through its called a way of life for some people and some call it fake such as yourself

    • eastpointvet

      so what u saying is that its not alright to entertain? music is entertainment its not real. so if robert dinero gets shot up by the mob you gonna turn around and say well thats the image he put out in movies so oh well he is dumb for playing those roles? hell t.i. even on the song talking about guns and he cant even own one and on tv with his family looking like cliff huxtable by todays standards so he should die simply because of what he talks about in music? or its understandable to you because thats what they give off? i think you got doe b a tad bit beat in the ignorant department.

  • sickandtired

    Every where you go there’s always some stupid muthafucker always finding some negative shit to say about somebody…what you need to do is look in the mirror & check yourself & the bullshit life you have & live
    before you judge somebody else’s…it could be you then how in the hell would you feel or your family or friends..there are a lot of rapper that don’t live that life but they rap about it…Its called entertainment you stupid muthafucker!!!!!!!!

    • Diddydidntdoit

      you missed the point.

      have you ever seen trading places with eddie murphy?

      when hes in jail talking ALL that shit, protraying a life he doesnt lead, Talking about shit he didnt just do.

      It almost lead to his ass getting beat.

      But in real life, 2 white dudes aint gonna bail you out when shit gets heated. As we see with this life.

      The last rapper that was killed that didn’t talk and act a way he didnt live was Proof.

      Since then, its been studio gangster after studio gangster. ALL young too. Growing up listening to an era that lived that life.

  • smh

    DAMN…..what are the fucking odds that the person who killed doe b ALSO WORE AN EYEPATCH…..shits crazy right? I seen the suspects mugshot and I thought it was a mistake, thought it was an old pic of doe b when he was skinnier or something….but nope, turns out eye patch wearing doe b was killed (I should say “supposedly) by another eye patch wearing dude….shits kinda weird.
    I rarely run across someone wearing an eye patch…..not only did doe b wear one but he ran across and apparently has issues with another dude who wore an eye patch over his right eye……..
    ps: I hope Slick Rick isn’t behind this whole thing (okay I know Ima get backlash for the joke…but honestly wtf is up with the eye patch beef here….coincidence or something more?)

    • Enock Saint Juste

      lmfao stop it

    • NicoSWEBaby

      Lmao.. too soon? haha

    • O

      Lil Jason really didn’t need an eye patch both of his eyes worked fine

  • Neal
  • Damian Marshall

    That was a good track

  • ice

    Nice track Ti murk it R.I.P doe b