Chance The Rapper Covers The Source

the source

Double Trouble.

Chance is a rapper. But for The Rookie/Man Of The Year issue of The Source, the rookie of 2013 gets his ventriloquism on. Issue hits the stands January 7, but here’s what’s to expect.

“With a title like Acid Rap, you’d imagine Chance’s album, and career, would be hinged on abundant drug-inspired themes, Juicy J style. “I’m not even on the drugs like that anymore. I smoke cigarettes—I should quit that at some point—and weed, but it’s like, you know, in my opinion, the point of life is to have fun, and lots of it. From experience, sometimes, drugs can get in the way of that, so, to answer your question, drugs don’t really have that much of a role in my life anymore, but they inspired some of the music, and that’ll always be a part of me, in some way.” When Chance takes that stage, whether it’s at Hammerstein Ballroom or across the Atlantic Ocean, the connection between him and his fans is almost as electric as the bass line in “Smoke Again”. At some points, Chance emits such a tense aura the gaze between him and a group of fans as he runs through his fast-paced verse on “Good Ass Intro”, Acid Raps’ introductory track could be cut with a pair of scissors. Don’t mistake his over-the-top personality with him straying away from the pure talents of rap, though. “I’m a rapper, dog”, he playfully points out, ‘I rap raw as f*ck dude, ask The Source Magazine.’

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  • Rick DeHonney

    Props to chance. Dude had the project of the year… now he just needs to sell records and make hit singles so he can be relevant in b dot’s eyes. Lmao….

  • Jamie

    No ones gonna comment on how fucking weird he looks here?

  • He’s fucking garbage and annoying but to each its own.

  • yorapper

    It’s good he’s different from the trap rappers from Chicago, but his raps/songs have no point.

    • Truth is

      “His raps/songs have no point”? Seriously? You must not have listened to a damn thing on acid rap

    • _R

      They murkin kids, they murder kids here. why you think they dont talk about it? they deserted us here. where the fuck is matt lauer at? somebody get katie couric in here. probably scared of all the refugees. look like we had a fuckin hurricane here. they be shootin whether its dark or not. i mean the days is pretty dark a lot. down here its easier to find a gun than it is a fuckin parkin spot. ——- no point at all

  • kanye west

    wale’s going to be pissed.