New Music: Rocko x Jeezy “Which1UWorkin”

which one you working

Time Keeps On Slipping.

Time is money. And with Jeezy devoting his, Rocko’s got nothing but time on his brand new track. Rocko’s Expect The Unexpected coming soon. Jizzle’s flow sure sounds familiar.


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  • Reggie
  • eastpointvet

    guess it wasnt time for that song since its gone

  • areal1

    Fire!!Sound like yo gotti “racks” tho

  • el jim chapo guzman

    jeezy sound like fucking drake,don’t hate on my opinion……

    • eastpointvet

      wouldnt he sound like migos you know since thats the flow drake used on their song

      • el jim chapo guzman


    • Newz

      Migos flow but he still riding the beat

  • Guest

    Hahaha. Either way you’re “Workin”.Also,next thing you know everybody’s going to be rapping like ChanceTheRapper and VicMensa.

    • whats the deal

      Okey dokey, whip da cokey


    Drake got ya niggaz thinking that’s his flow lol just like that supa dupa flow before that, that s why he over doin it before Migos fully blows lol Jeezy should ve referenced Migos in his verse to make it look less shameful lol as far as Rocko he a hustla but nuttin special,as a rapper

  • Wap

    That’s migo flow