New Music: Roscoe Dash x Waka Flocka “Whassup”


What’s Happening?

Hook extraordinaire Roscoe Dash sends us his greetings before the New Year by reuniting with Flocka on their latest collabo. Says Dash:

“It was really organic.” Roscoe tells “We could have been rushed back in the studio to duplicate the success of No Hands. We pass each other and critique each others work in the studio all the time. But the timing of this song felt right. So we accomplish what we wanted to. A sound that continues what we started yet its fresh enough to kick off 2014!”

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  • it’s the roc

    Wait so we just replicate cadences and flows like it ain’t biting these days? With no repercussions? Thumbs down. I hate rap.

  • -_-

    Garbage… typical bull shit… this makes me not even want to fuck with this culture anymore.

    • The Incredible Creation

      ditto… smh

  • WhatDidYouExpect

    Another case of Drake featuring Drake. What happened to being yourself and actually trying to being the best YOU? Sad. I guess Roscoe 2.0 is just code for I am going to bite everybody else from here on out.

  • The Incredible Creation

    more of the “Drake/Migos” shit lol

  • dfghdfbb

    sounds nothing like drake, y’all niggaz hating