Rick Ross Beats Rick Ross In Court

Power 106 Cali Christmas 2013! - Anaheim, CA

Name Game.Rapper Rick Ross was allowed to keep his alias after successfully defeating former drug lord, Freeway Rick Ross in a California appeals court. Freeway filed a lawsuit in 2010 claiming infringement on his namesake. According to Judge Roger Boren however, Rozay was protected under the first amendment.

“We recognize that Roberts’ work — his music and persona as a rap musician — relies to some extent on plaintiff’s name and persona. Roberts chose to use the name ‘Rick Ross.’ He raps about trafficking in cocaine and brags about his wealth. These were ‘raw materials’ from which Roberts’ music career was synthesized. But these are not the ‘very sum and substance’ of Roberts’ work.”

“Roberts created a celebrity identity, using the name Rick Ross, of a cocaine kingpin turned rapper. He was not simply an impostor seeking to profit solely off the name and reputation of Rick Ross. Rather, he made music out of fictional tales of dealing drugs and other exploits—some of which related to plaintiff. Using the name and certain details of an infamous criminal’s life as basic elements, he created original artistic work


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  • In Rick Ross Voice HUUUH!

  • Street lights on gtfoh

    What a fucking joke. Can u imagine the people who will defend this as a win?

    I mean. Hey admit ur a fraud. Make millions defend it on a technicality and dust off the

  • Word

    I kinda wish you guys would go back to putting more content in the front of the post so I wouldn’t have to click the post every time just to listen to the song or read the rest of the story or watch the video. I end up opening so many tabs its ridiculous…but oh, congrats Ross. I guess.

    • jameshall

      I’ve gone from being on this site like 3-4 times a day, to maybe once a day due to it. The stupid lead in sentences don’t do shit. They’re just link bait and you can tell the writers hate it too “Name Game” Wow, so informative. Thanks for that. This whole redesign is a joke, its not good for the end users, its good for them to get more clicks and more views.

      • ✨Don Draper

        I agree with the both of you. I’m barely on the site anymore due to the awful re-design which doesn’t benefit the end-user. Glad I’m not alone with this thinking. Rap Radar, take notice! Change the site back.

        • Coney

          I feel the same way. I’ve been coming here less since the redesign and the awful lead in sentences. Not user friendly at all.

          • jason2012

            I feel the same as all of you. I definitely don’t come to the site that often

          • Keith

            Same here as everyone else. It sucks anymore. Such bs, feeding the industry and trying to make more money he’s actually pushing folks away. Elliott READ THIS SHIT!

        • Michael Angelo

          the new design is god awful on cell phones

      • Troll Dot ™

        its all done for more “page views” forTroll Dot and The Yellow Coward. The site is not here for the culture or the people. its here to increase site hits so they can sell ads for more money. Im not mad at their business model, Im mad that their business model is disguised as being “leaders” of the culture . Bdot aint shit and YN is too concerned with his relevance amongst 15-21 year olds.

        • Your Life Is A Lie

          Agree 100%

        • jig-ah

          Yo my nigga U taking this shit way too serious…

        • LuckyP757

          which all of in that age range and beyond actually hate him his face and that God awful laugh of his

      • Changeclothz

        Rapradar ain’t fun anymore

      • ODB

        hahaa same here its kinda sad what the site has become so to speak..

      • Abe6772

        Maybe it’s not rap radar, but just rap music as whole. Maybe you’re just tired of the frauds and drake love songs… I feel the same way, but I’m not blaming this site, I’m blaming rap as a whole

      • imsoimsoimso


    • tia told me

      officer rozay the fakest most delusional rapper ever to exist in hip hop.

      dude is so forced and every time he does a interview it looks like u gotta hand him a script before hand.

      but when u got jay z,diddy and lyor cohen MASTERMINDING his career behind the scenes then he will continue to be pushed on the people.

      dude is a straight cornball like dj khaled.

      “these industry niggas aint friends they know how to pretend”

    • the fight is fixed





      • LuckyP757

        you’re mad bro. i can tell

      • CmonSon

        YN smiling like a proud dad watching his only son that made it smh

    • Wow

      I’ve also started visiting this site less and less! Damn, thought I was the only one. The layout sucks big time. HipHopDX is my favorite, followed by Dopeboyz.

      • Michael Angelo

        its terrible on cell phone.. either cant comment or music wont play. whoever designed should be fired

    • LuckyP757

      although an inconvenience, this way makes it easier to tally which posts people are more interested in. I’m sure they’ve monetized the site & posts, also I’m sure they want to continue making posts of what people care about. so having the reader actually click the post to get the entire article is the only way to do so.

    • Brown Sparta

      True I was the guy who would use RR as a source in daily conversations IRL. I liked it at first but i just realized ive been showing up less and less too. All the buttons are huge its for ipads not my desktop.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      The same person that designed the Obamacare website did this one…they keep fukn up my people’s sht

  • Real Nigga


  • Extra Domus

    its the fact that hes a fake drug dealer that saved him hahahaha

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    William knows anything and everything about all the big name gangsters and mafia members but says his never heard of Rick Ross one of the biggest drug lords in America. It’s not a coincidence they have the same name image and both made millions of dollars trafficking drugs. William knows what his doing. Such a shame the industry supports this.

  • Sanders

    Latest Greatest


    KILWAUKEE STANDUPhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM1XWQRpq1U

  • nirusxhonda

    so basically he talk about it but he not living it that’s what that statement is saying.

    • Critical Cowards

      we all know where the name and the persona of the CO came from. anyone who agrees with the judge must first wash the MMG semen off their mouth before addressing me.

  • brza

    congrats to William Roberts for identity theft

  • Playboy69

    So it official The man William Roberts aka Rick Ross is A FRAUD by law….sad day and ending in hip-hop in 2013….LOL!


    FAKE HIP HOP wins again….Its so strange to me how”REAL” cats accept a fraud!

  • Guillaume Pilon


  • Reggie
  • Guest

    yo that real this new design really suck bad

  • The_Dynasty

    Who accidentally hit a post they didn’t really want to link to while scrolling on Rap Radar mobile site (particularly on the iPhone)? Most of the time I don’t even bother checking Rap Radar on my phone cuz I think it’s a bullshit strategy to get accidental hits by the users. Don’t even get the scheme I thought advertisers look for unique visitors?

  • musicbusiness advisors

    A FRAUD in the streets will ALWAYS be a FRAUD, don’t need some high priced attorneys or court to tell us who THE REAL RICK ROSS is! This fat FAKE is marginally ‘talented’, is an ‘actor’ telling stories this C.O. never lived, & has ZERO street credibility by NOT paying homage to the REAL RICK ROSS! This idiot only presides over MAYCOCK Music & meek rappers who will be forgotten in short time! R.I.P. William ‘Officer Ricky’ Roberts

  • Tessa

    frauds have always been in hiphop. some of your favourite rappers from back in the day cannot back up 80 90% of the things they rap about. You dis Drake but he is being himself, what the heck do you want then?????? you are the people who breed these fake rappers cause you demand a persona from these rappers whether they are real or fake and then dis someone who does not have the “HARD STREET RAPPER 101” persona and just wants to be themselves. Choose what you want and stick to it.

    • krow132

      you know rap fans are the most confused fans in the world. Like I give a fuck Rick Ross embellished his past. So did Prodigy, so did Nas (Esco Persona), so did Jay-Z, so did The Lox. Half of these dudes were petty criminals or had one or 2 cases against them but perpetrated to be Kingpins but we ignore it for the ones we like and get all in an uproar about Rick Ross. Who gives a fuck really, shit is entertainment.

  • Tessa

    frauds have always been in hiphop. some of your favourite rappers from back in the day cannot back up 80 90% of the things they rap about. You dis Drake but he is being himself, what the heck do you want then?????? you are the people who breed these fake rappers cause you demand a persona from these rappers whether they are real or fake and then dis someone who does not have the “HARD STREET RAPPER 101” persona and just wants to be themselves. Choose what you want and stick to it.

  • RIV

    The header should have read “Rick Ro$$ beats the Real RIck Ross In Court”…. shit crazy tho forreall…still…major salute to the Rick Ross the rapper cause he’s ill with the pen but I can imagine Freeway Ricky Ross is disgusted lol…

    stream or download my new music project “Progression”: http://www.datpiff.com/RIV-Progression-mixtape.563835.html

  • TeF

    I will never support anything Rick Ross does, being exposed as a CO with no street ties is one thing, but beating a legend in court so that you can legally get rich off of HIS name, and HIS image is disgusting. How is anyone still listening to this clown’s music? The sad thing is, Hip Hop supports this fucking fake knowing damn well he has never lived the shit in his rhymes, how does this get a pass? How is it okay to be so fake that it’s backed by the law?

  • KayandGee

    ricky rozay the bawse!


    R.I.P ZoomZoomDadOtis

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • Reality Over Industry

    So the police won over the real gangster…. why are you surprise he won..meanwhile bmf is locked up…

  • wei sheng

    wack in every since of the word, this dude was in law enforcement and talks about things he’s never done, hip hop is dead. they are all puppets for the money & fame. the world can’t see it cause were so brainwashed into what they want us to be and do. watch….

  • meow

    “i took the case to trial, hired a dream team”

  • Idk man. On the one hand you can say he is profiting off of the name and persona of another person. But on the other hand, movies like Scarface are loosely based on real people and they don’t give royalties to real gangsters. So I can see why Ross doesn’t have to.

  • FAME_Richdreams_Ceo

    yall aint heard this yet http://youtu.be/JsLOUwxlZiw

  • chris

    y wouldnt he just go with one of his many alias’s? Kinda petty of your William