New Music: 50 Cent “This Is Murder, Not Music”

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Count it up. New year! New music from 50 Cent. A little bit of rhymes. A whole lot of money. Animal Ambition coming soon.

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  • damn

    This nigga lost it.

  • Chronic

    Wtf is this shit…horrible

  • LOL

    WTF is this bro? release the real music, this is a terrible excuse, count your money elsewhere.

  • MBE

    This is depressing… =/

    • MBE

      Still dope in a way though… Different…

  • Griggs

    Its just a throwaway freestyle track
    YN still trying to blackball curtis I see

  • Wheeeeeeeeew Fif Back!


    Rick Ross destroyed 50 Cent’s Rap career. He’ll never make a come back

    • YouGonEatYourCornbread

      rick ross didnt destroy nobodys career besides il always respect fif more than that fat fake name one rick ross album better than get rich die tryin ?

      • It’s Just Music

        50 has one classic album.
        Ross has many solid to above average albums.

        At the end of the day, music matters and Ross makes better music. if you say other wise you just hating.

        50 is dope but GRODT is 10 years old. its 2014.

        • YouGonEatYourCornbread

          hating because i have a different opinion ? yeah your officially a dickrider 50s music overall been better than ross lyrically too ross relies on production mostly he aint no lyrical mc with his fabricated rhymes about a life he never lived

          • It’s Just Music

            and 50 doesn’t rely on production?

            please man. Many men, In The club, wanksta, to even I Get Money, all rely on production. That’s why he is always on top of Dre to make him a hit.

            music is entertainment. if you believe anything an artist says, you are a dumb fuck.

            Whether Ross is a fake I don’t care, his music is BETTER.

            Last good project 50 dropped was War Angel LP.

          • 1234

            wanksta,many men and i get money were nothing to do with dr dre u mmg flunkey.
            officer rozays albums are all compilations ft ACTUAL PLATINUM ARTISTS that generate the exposure to the project. def jam are smart cuz they know officer ross is only a internet and twitter artist.
            dude pulls 1500 a show max at most venues and no matter how many millions of marketing dollars defjam,atlantic diddy whoever spends on him HE HAS NEVER GONE PLATINUM like all the other big players in hip hop have.

            no matter how u spin it ross just a cornball rapper thats a pet project of jayz and lyor cohen.

            he’s around as long as jay lyor and diddy are promoting him.

          • PAPI MORENITO

            It’s funny you wrote ACTUAL all caps. It reminded of 50’s love affair with that adjective. Lol.

            Anyway, 50 is musically done. That’s an actual fact. In the last 4 years Rozay has made better music than him.

          • It’s Just Music

            mmg flunkey? lmao internet slang is so childish.

            do the world a favor, hold your breathe and wait for 50’s next album to drop.

            instead of saying what you like about 50, its clearly easier to discredit Ross.

            Sales don’t matter music does.

            If it did, Nelly is a better rapper than every lmao

            Ross has good music and delivers consistently. I’m not even a ross fan like that.

            But hold your breathe till 50 album drop. Please do your mother a favor

          • ELA


          • YouGonEatYourCornbread

            fuck outta here take rosses titties out yo mouth boy tats your opinion ross has proven to be a fake ass nigga FACT i enjoy some of rick ross music but to be honest i think 50 is better overall simple


        Deeper Than Rap. Heck, even Rich Forever

        • YouGonEatYourCornbread

          lmao im done

          • It’s Just Music

            dude you are clearly just hating.

            Aside from Ross’ past, are you truly saying he has no goof material? Does 50 mean that much to you?

            Crazy the lengths people would go to hate.

            i never said 50 is a bad artist, Ross just has better material.

            50 and Ross both aren’t lyrical rappers either, they have more in common than you think.

          • YouGonEatYourCornbread

            the fact that that ther guy said ross ended 50’s carer was jus stupid 50 wasnt doing too well before he was beefin with ross

          • PAPI MORENITO

            50’s GRODT is one of the best albums of all time. The production and the hooks were on point. I can’t deny that. That’d be foolish quite honestly.

            He criticized Ja Rule for singing his hooks or having R&B singers on the hooks but ended following the same formula. That’s when many fans starting losing respect for him. Plus, lyrically he didn’t show progress.

            50 said he’ll fuck up RR’s life for fun. We all know that didn’t happen. As a matter of fact Rozay is the only Rapper, to my knowledge, who came out bigger (pun intended) after a beef with Curtis.

          • OKKK

            This arguement with yall is funny seeing as I fuck with both ross and 50.

            now, you said sales dont matter. I dont think i have to quote Jay-Z here, but they pretty much do for the sake of this arguement.

            The numbers is what matters since they are a reflection of the product (duh?)

            And if Ross’s sales, show attendance, and tour money is NEVER TALKED ABOUT
            Then they probably aren’t things to brag about.

            with that said.

            net worth of rappers is usually laughable.

            in rosses case?

            he’s worth A couple million more than what Kanye just made touring….

            50 on the other hand? Qtr Bil.

            Someone leave the Jay-Z quote below please…..

          • It’s Just Music

            you are talking a bunch of non sense. What is your point you are trying to make?

            Once again, hip hop sucks because of dumb asses like you who uses money as a way of judging an artists music.

            MUSIC matters my dude.

            no one said 50 is broke or has less money. If it makes you feel better, Ross is broke compared to 50.

            If we were even talking about money being relevant, it is worth pointing out the majority of his money comes from business ventures (what does VITAMIN WATER have to do with his music?). So in a business sense, 50 is relevant in the business field.

            Ross on the other hand makes the majority of his money just on music (yes he has small things with rebook etc).

            Which brings us back to the point that Ross is more relevant than 50 cent and has better music.

            How is this so hard to understand?

          • OcelotDME

            Yo if you are saying ross’s catalog is better than 50’s please get the entire hell out of here

          • It’s Just Music

            just bump ‘Baby By Me’ by 50 dick rider

          • OcelotDME

            That supposed to be an insult?? lol

          • OcelotDME

            U MAD BRO??

          • OcelotDME

            And ya bitch ass aint answer my question….

        • CJ

          50’s mixtapes even shits on the whole MMG catalog

          • Papi Morenito

            Rich Forever, Ashes to Ashes, The Albert Anastasia EP were all good mix tapes. But hey it’s ok if you don’t like Rozay, to each his own.

            I actually listen to both guys but Rick Ross has been consistent with hits. Ultimately, it’s entertainment folks. Nor 50 nor Ross have killed anyone in real life. It’s escapism.

    • AnastasYah

      Only thing RickRoss destroyed was some Hot Wings.50 is just as relevant today as 10 years ago even after selling over 50million albums.How many albums have Ross sold?Lloyd Banks have sold more records than Ross and MMG combined.Tony Yayos one album have sold more than all Wale’s albums.50 is still that nigga look at all the comments.

      • It’s Just Music

        50 is relevant today?

        damn man come on the fan boy thing has to stop.

        His last album was released:


        5 YEARS AGO!


        His best album was released 10 years ago!

        It is 2014, and ross is dropping music at least, wether you like it or not is irrelevant.

        Lloyd Banks is dope as hell, but he is just a mixtape rapper.

        and Tony Yayo? lmfaooo

        come on man, stop lying to yourself.

        • OcelotDME

          And with all that he still sells out arenas

        • OcelotDME

          50 overseas more than any rapper in the game

        • Hold up

          Dam nigga you like rick ross that much who are you gunplay?? you going up and down defending a nigga like your ross girlfriend hahahahahaha Pussy ass niggass.. plus who give a fuck clown ass niggas like you cant get on a dudes song with out bringing up other rappers..with that dumb fuck shit..

          • It’s Just Music

            Nice to know you have such a vivid and detailed vocabulary! You really got your point across. Nice to know the ghetto still doesn’t have proper grammar or basic english usage, yeezus christ.

            I am done on this thread, you 50 stans are so funny, you dumb asses are probably waiting for his album along with another tupac album! lol Its really fun seeing how you guys just ignore facts

            I hope 50 season comes soon guys! Let me know when it happens, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

            @Holdup and continue taking a shower to ‘Baby by Me’ you soft fuck. You got your emotions riled up like a bitch my dude! 🙂

  • KayandGee

    not the best

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    fif should of dropped the album when he had abit of a buzz with them 2 singles with kendrick and eminem


    Rick Ross has better production and better flow. Lyrical content wise they pretty much have the same subject matter. It’s entertainment at the end of the day, and Rozay has been making better music than 50.

    • It’s Just Music

      thank you!
      someone actually gets it!

    • KILLA

      This post is and was about 50 Cent. What does Rick Ross have to do with this post? Like seriously, nigga stay on topic. SMH. For the most part I do agree with your relevant comment but let’s try to focus on the post. I think this track just talking his shit for what’s to come.

      • KILLA


      • ODB

        its relevant in the sense because if 50 would have focused on music instead of trying to keep his career killing track record alive he’d be somewhat relevant in the music, but to each his own.. 50 lost it and Ross got it meaning folks listen to Ross more than they do 50.. ohh and BDot no more white durags haaa ODB

    • Santigo

      LMAO…you’re out of your mind. Rick Ross came out in 2005, and since then when has he made a full song with substance or content? This isn’t 50’s best joint ever, but 50 has classic songs, Rick Ross doesn’t have 1 Classic song!

      • HipHopNYC


      • Chunk


    • YouGonEatYourCornbread

      i like some of rosses music but the nigga is un creative on the mic for example the song he did with nas accident murderers he jus went complete off topic spittin bout the same old shopping sprees n some other shit hen nas came in at the end to save it

      • It’s Just Music

        well of course its Nas. One of the greatest to ever to do it.

        At the end of the day I am not saying 50 is a bad rapper.
        The dude is dope, and yes he has great songs and material and I think he has Top 10 best flows in the game. He knows how to ride and flow on a beat. No one is denying this or taking that away from him (and if you do, you are clearly a ross stan)

        But the guy is irrelevant as of 2014. You cannot deny that no matter what numbers you bring up or how much money he is.

      • Papi Morenito

        Lol @ Ross going off topic. That is true, and I don’t listen to dude b/c of lyrical content. That’s why I praised his beat selection/production and delivery/flow/vocal inflection, etc.

        When I want substance I listen to Nas, Common, Rakim. Not RR nor 50.

    • CJ

      GRODT sold more than the whole MMG

  • keep it coming

    this aint a song its just a shit talking warning shot to his rivals.
    probably directed towards ross mmg young money. i dont know
    they all pussy we are the world no beef nigga types.


  • Straight Up Comments


  • ogweedkilla

    Lot of u dont under understand that its a fuckin trcak just tellin erbody its 50 season soon. its not a comeback single lol. imagine the shit he sittin on. champions ft eminem etc. just wait 4 the album 2 drop.

    • bigfoot2011

      Album will never drop.

      • fuk_yoo_kind

        And yoo bitch ass still broke lol u on every site hating on 50 talking bout “u gotta life” FOH #killyooselfwiththatshit #bumassbloggers #keyboardwarriorassniggaz

    • It’s Just Music

      yup! just like detox, wait for the album to drop! You know, the album that his own label consistently pushes back and is trying to scrap!

      But keep waiting my friend, i hope 50 season is soon! 🙂

    • myDick2long4niggazmouthes

      50 a has been.
      Old ass nigga need to move and let young niggas eat.

      • fuk_yoo_kind

        EAT A DICK! NAH CHEW IT! EAT IT! bum ass critic lmfaooo #50stillup #andyallmad!

  • Irvington_Jay

    50 = DONE SON

  • Conor Weber

    He’s lost it, good rapper but not one of the best anymore, imo best rapper in the world has got to be Tech N9ne, his flow is unbelievable, he cant freestyle but he is amazing at everything else,

  • jig-ah


  • room2roam

    look at 50 in that pic. i truly believe 50 is either gay or bi. i know saying that is considered to be disrespectful in this realm but thats not my intention, i just really believe he’s DL or he’s gay & chooses to live a str8 life.

    • Whatcha talkin bout

      And a nigga that comes on a post of a cool song and instead worry about that instead looks at the niggas pic and worries about a niggas sexuality is the real fagot ass shit yo…

      • room2roam

        1st the song is not cool its wack and before you say it i clicked on it bc i cant keep callin him wack if i dont at least give his songs a listen. i just happen to notice the gay azz photos. i know u 50 stans get real sensitive when someone says anything about him but untuck yo pee pee boy

        • Whatcha talkin bout

          Hahaha Fagot ass nigga your a bitch only a homo would give a fuck if another man is an undercover fag or not that shit dont even cross Real niggas minds.. WHO GIVES A FUCK… No stan here homie just hate bitch ass niggas ..

  • N

    This shit is tough! Troy Ave move up is making wave for New York rap to come back. Tried of that Southern ass Migos, Future shit yo.

  • You niggas are either too young or too dumb to understand that this is just a warning shot of what’s to come. The aggression in music was SPARKED by Fif 10yrs ago & its just recently returning in 2013/14. This content is MEAN. This hook is MEAN. This simplistic beat is MEAN. The shit talking is MEAN. Fif shit talkin is unmatched cause we know its coming from a real place. No dickridin, just REALISTICALLY SPEAKING. All this HATE Fif get is unimaginable but I hope to get to this level of hate. The type of hate where they dont wanna see you win no more cause you won too much. I need that. Fuck you niggas that think other wise. #TIMELESS

    • D’Niro

      I feel you. Fifty is dope and was one of the best to me but doesn’t get the respect he deserves

    • myDick2long4niggazmouthes

      Nigga…you gay


      • Look at your username.

        • Sam Robilotta

          his username says his dick into guys mouths and he callin u gay lol. he got some personal issues to work out looks like. dope joint.

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    rozay dickriders are in full effect on rossradar smh

  • Sam Bowie

    He still relevant because there is 41 comments about him on Rap Radar which is one of the premiere sites on the internet. Say what you want about 50 Cent, dude will always be talked about.

    • It’s Just Music

      for out of the billions of people who live on earth, the 41 comments on a website like Rapradar makes him relevant?

      Hip Hop sucks cause of this bullshit. Rappers are more celebrities now more than anything.

      I judge artists based on MUSIC, not their persona, money, lifestyle etc.

      Ross is relevant cause of his music. 50 on the other hand as of 2014 isn’t.

      • DG

        Damn get a life, you living in these comments and defending that CO like you his lawyer

        • It’s Just Music

          you must not be able to sleep at night cause ross was a CO.

          or you must be a gangster (scum) who kills people and think ross is fake.

          go hold you breath until 50 new album drop. until then go bump ‘baby by me’ , ‘candy shop, or ‘amusement park’ while you live that real life.

          so many 50 dick riders here its scary.

          • DG

            So by your definition the guy who your defending in every comment is scum because he raps about killing people and being gangster? I guess that makes you a scum sucking dick rider

          • It’s Just Music

            once again,

          • DG

            You really can’t decide if you want to act superior or tough can you. You try to assume who I am based on one sentence and it just shows that the only ignorant person in this convo is you. The reality is you have no fucking life and you have no knowledge about the music you are talking about. You have spent two days defending a sub par rapper who hasn’t had a good song since 2010 and hasn’t been able to have a hit record without a guest feature since his career started. The artists that he signed are bigger than him now and actually had hits in 2013 while every song he dropped failed.

            Btw you spelled buffoon wrong you fuckin cocksucker

          • It’s Just Music

            yet you posted this at 3am?

          • It’s Just Music

            and you are defending somebody who hasn’t had an album since 2009, and a worthy song by himself. Recently:

            New Day: 50 Cent featuring Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys
            My Life: 50 Cent featuring Eminem and Adam Levine
            We Up: 50 Cent featuring Kendrick Lamar

            Every 50 cent fan here just points to his money and GRODT since he obviously peaked from the start. Once again, I am done posting here. If you want to wait for his album, or wait for him to be on top, be my guest.

            Ross is more relevant than 50 musically.

          • DG

            What the fuck are you talking about, can you read? I have not said a word about 50 yet so how am I defending him? You brought Ross into the convo by constantly bringing him up even though this post wasn’t written about him. The beef with them is 4 years old so fucking move on already. Btw how relevant is No Games, Oil Money Gang, and Box Chevy? 50 & Ross are both cold right now so once again you don’t know shit about music just sit down and shut the fuck up

          • fuk_yoo_kind

            Keep sucking officer ricky dick till he go platinum lmao that ain’t ever gonna happen tho u mad! lol #fuckyoofeelings

      • facts

        ross got zero buzz and is struggling to get a song to stick…..thats why all the pushbacks and stalling his mastermind album.
        dude got 25 niggas on his”label” and not one outside of wale has a song buzzing or album release date.
        if the head of the “label” has zero buzz and is struggling how the fuck is the rest of them niggas gonna generate a buzz.
        ross only in the limelight recently for bad publicity..
        if it wasnt for jay and puff ross would be gone long ago.

        ross pinning his hopes on fat trel to save him and mmg………..

        what people dont realise is that ross getting marketed by jay lyor and puff as a ceo of a company is only for the benefit of ross. gives ross street cred and takes focus away from ross past.
        2.helps keep him relevant.

        ross is done as a solo artist.
        almost done in every way very shortly.

  • brollya

    “u stick to ya comments and ya tweeting and ya hashtags…… you know wat the fuck u do nigga”
    my nigga 50 back on that bullshit
    awwwwwww nigga…… u niggaz betta be scaredand ya is cuz ya talkin bout rick ross

    • It’s Just Music

      it’s 2014 and the ghetto still does not have proper grammar.

      Lord help us

  • Ulisse Sartor


  • Dre Neal

    He will be on top again. All these rappers that you think are hot now really are not its perception you see them on tv and hear them so much til you believe there bigger and hotter then they really are Rick Ross being the biggest example. Thats why hes never went platinum and will never be anywhere as big as 50 because his label spends so much money on him making sure he stays out there but his sales dont match the perception. Watch when then new 50 album drop before its done its gonna do a million and its gonna be over after that.

    • It’s Just Music

      it’s nice to dream isn’t it?

      • Dre Neal

        So you think Rick ross is as big an artist as 50 cent?

        • It’s Just Music

          my dude, all fan boy shit aside, look at facts.

          Today is January 3rd, 2014.

          Rick Ross has MMG, regardless what you may think, it is one of the hottest labels out.

          G-Unit on the other hand is basically obsolete.

          Ross’ last album came out 2012 with one on the way.

          50 last album came out 2009 with one always being pushed back.

          Ross and his label have radio play and are every where.

          G-Unit once again is obsolete. You have Yayo crying in interviews how money fucked them up. 50 saying how he is not bringing back G-Unit. and Banks doing shows all over the world doing his own thing (which is dope but Banks needs a better label, I’d rather see him on MMG today than G Unit)

          Ross has hits now and has albums coming. yes he is a bigger artist as of now.

          once again, 50 is a dope artist. he just isn’t relevant. this guy has been irelevant he has all you guys so hyped over a mixtape called Animal Ambition.

          He had to rely on Kendrick, Adam Levine , Eminem, Dr. Dre, & Alicia Keys for singles on his STreet King album which ALL flopped!

          he is more focused on his headphones.

          50 is more concerned with money. he doesnt care about music and this shit shows. he makes music to make money. which is why he makes Amusement Park, Candy Shop, Baby by me, and all the soft shit you guys be tryong to crucify Drake for.

          yes ross is a CO but who fucking cares? I listen to music for music, not to see who is gangster and real cause idgaf about another dude.

          Ross gets more respect from me because he loves to make music, regardless if its someone else’s story.

          • Dre Neal

            But as I said before its perception bro. Has Rick ross ever had an album to go Platinum in an album cyle?? How much Meek mill sell? What was Mmg’s last top 100 hit? Wale is the biggest Mmg artist. When 50 came he made the artist around him hotter? Lloyd banks first album= Platinum, Young bucks first album= Platinum, The Game first album= Platinum, 50s 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 5th albums all Platinum. Who on Mmg went platinum? Yall have the illusion that who is seen the most is the hottest. You honestly dont think that if 50 never did nothing else and focused only on music that he wouldnt have a song every year as big as I get money? Your crazy all its gonna take is for 50 to take 6 months and focus soley on the music business and its a wrap. Rap radar doesnt even like 50 cent and hes been the numer 1 topic on her for 2 days now. Not because of a beef because the people are still interested in 50 cent. Rick ross will never be what 50 is at his lowest. Im a fan true but facts are facts This year will show iff 50 has power or not this year will make him again or break him.

          • Dre Neal

            And My life was not a flop at all it was the #1 song on itunes in 24hrs meaning interscope made money off of it. You didnt see it blow up as much as it could have because 50 decided not to push the album at that time so the label fell back.

          • It’s Just Music

            his label wouldn’t allow him.

            Even 50 said his label has no faith in him to even promote his music.

            That single was also very short lived. Here today and gone tomorrow.

            (FYI, the production of that song was sick as fuck btw)

          • Dre Neal

            50 hasnt put an album out since 09 and here we are going back and forth about him sounds hella RELEVANT to me. Its gonna be even worse for people like you that says hes irrelevant when he come back full circle its gonna happen hes not just any rapper bra. People are tired of rick ross already hes not relevant when no music is being released. I bet you he owes his label tons of money because there not making the money back thats being spent.

          • Dre Neal

            And this isnt really a song its more of a statement that hes coming back to kill shit again. Watch how this year goes

          • It’s Just Music

            the point i am trying to make is WHO IS RELEVANT AS OF 2014!

            You can keep spewing numbers and facts out your ass. Yes those albums are hot but as of 2014 Ross is more relevant than 50.

            Out of all the artists you mentioned, only Game is making albums.

            You are really just proving my own point.

            Especially when you said if 50 focused on nothing but music he would have more hits.

            WELL NO SHIT! You are once again proving my point dumb ass.

            My point is that 50 cent does not CARE about music or the love or for his fans, he only gives a fuck about the money and that is why his music is ass. That is why he is also irrelevant MUSICALLY (NOT FINANCIALLY)!!!!

            Did you even hear this song all the way through? I did, and it’s horrible.

            he loves money so much he is willing to give dumb asses like you the finger and make songs like “amusement park, candy shop, baby by me and all that other soft shit that I continue to bring up.

            Once again, I like both artists. I will say again, 50 is dope, he has one of the top 10 flows in the game, and yes he does have good music just like Ross.

            But 50 cares and ONLY cares about money, not music.
            I care about music, and not his money.

            Which is way I state as fact that in 2014, 50 cent is irrelevant in the rap game.

  • Viva La Raza

    I could do without the long ass money talking, but the actual verse is tight, nice imagery….50 encounter sooo much hate just shut the fuck up in the comment section!

    And for the cheerleaders, 50’s flow is waaaay better than Ross.

  • Leander

    You always hating on 50….

  • Chunk

    Thousands of better tracks that could be posted…

  • AnastasYah

    RickRoss won’t dare speak 50Cent name period!He won’t chance getting 50 riled up to start running after his ass again!

  • LOL

    for a filthy rich nigga lke 5-0 his quality in usic has dropped drastically over the years. i mean how u release something as poverty as this? this ain’t the way to make people anticipate your shit.

  • Enock Saint Juste

    animal ambition huh? so this is the name of the imaginary album we;re supposed to get…

  • OKKK

    Ok 50. I hear you homie.

    The simplicity of this beat, like early eminem, shows that he wants you to LISTEN.
    (especially while he’s counting the money hahah)

  • mosesxx92

    this is some ill music right here .. real rap !! fifty back at it !!

  • Hollywood

    yall cant front on 50…he came out with that aggressive shyt…listen to GRODT
    checkout the website…
    we got bad naked bytches…hell you might find your bytch on my site

  • smh

    Fif you need Game man

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    damn 70+ COMMENTS for 6 bars from an “irrelevant” rapper and this aint even

    shiiiiiiiit…. if i was a rapper i’d take that lol… nuff said

  • blackbeltbreeze

    i don’t know about all this Mandingo Fighting/Worldstar version of Game of Thrones/WWE Battle Royal-shit yall love talking about. Fif vs. Rozay vs. Jeezy vs. Freeway Rick Ross vs. Slim Da Mobster vs. TI vs. Freddie Gibbs vs. Gunplay vs. Meek Mill vs. Maino vs. Game vs. Nipsey Hustle vs.Uncle Murda vs. Styles P. What exactly is the prize the winner gets again? Could y’all please remind me?

    At the end of the day, we either liked the song or we didn’t. It’s about the music. Discussion of the legitimacy of claims to criminal ties is largely irrelevant. These are businessmen selling products. They know very well we are entertained by the illusion of tension. I am far from a 50 Stan. But the dude understands the same thing Kanye understands, that as long as he has your attention, he has your attention, and in corporate marketing, getting the attention of 18-35 year-olds is often the endgame. Whether he be taking an L in Curtis vs. Graduation or Deeper than Rap vs. Before I Self Destruct, dude understands that the very fact that you are investing so much emotional energy into the idea of him failing at something means he’s in your head. You are busy analyzing the Mandingo shit, and he is diversifying his portfolio so that he can afford to take hip-hop L’s, because while he might have “lost” in music sales compared to his first DIAMOND album, he is winning with equity investments in vitamin water, energy drinks, books, technology, sports etc, which often have much bigger payoffs.

    50 is competing against Jay, Diddy, Slim and Baby, Kanye, and all of them are trying to compete with Warren Buffet and Oprah, and a whole bunch of folks in that 1% tax bracket.

    Saying all that, it’s really interesting to me that he can even still make a song that describes a few days in the holding pen with that level of detail, both in his description of the other people in the room and in the way he changes the tone of his voice (i see he studying Em and Kendrick- Aftermath School of Vocal Tricks).

  • Abe6772

    He’s still around?

  • Sajjad Al Jabiri

    Curtis FIFTY CENT Jackson, got a song right here. This dude never stopped being 50, it’s just the fan based didn’t decide either or he was a person, a gangster rapper or a real/reel rapper…

  • Get the money

    This is murder, this is not music. Some of you guys did not get it


  • Extra Domus

    1 verse?!?!??!?!? then 2 minutes of trash talk this is how you intend on impressing ur fans?

  • The music>The money

    All the 50 stans gotta bring up $ or GRODT. That right there says something. After 50s first two albums he started to fall, after Ross’s he started to rise. Now for 50 to even get a mention he has to drop shit talkin bs. The dude is a business man now not that same rapper whose dick yall sucked. Watch he starts another forced beef to get any attention smh

  • GreenBergs

    i actually enjoyed listening to this, even posted it to my facebook….? wow surprised for sure

  • 50StillWinning

    That one verse is better than ALL the GARBAGE Ross has put out since he dropped the officer outfit!!

  • shaolinkid

    shit is trash…keep listening to this mainstream garbage.

  • Tessa

    fifty cent destroyed his own career through the wack music he put out after get rich or die tryin. everything else was blah except a few tracks and he thought the fans would ride with him forever and little by little he realised his singing pop weak rhymes had stopped the real fans from listening to him and he was no longer selling like he had. Also he became more involved with the business (no hate) he has done fantastically with this side but I think just like most rappers, sports people and anyone who has a competitive streak, the thing which you are not doing well at is the thing that you want to excel at especially if you were seen as the top at one time. I don’t think he thought the fans would disappear like they did. there is only one rapper who keeps his fans no matter how wack an album he puts out and that is Eminem (and no I am not calling him wack). Fifty cent is a great rapper but please tell me how someone disses another emcee about there singing on every track and then take that same thing and put it on every track. 50 cent is way over confident and this was his downfall, he never blames himself for him being where he is musically and all the other rappers would never dream of blaming him for the state of hiphop. He caused a lot of the bs that has been out in the 2000’s . WHy? because he was the biggest hip hop artist at one point so everyone is looking at you and what do you put out Candy shop, that wack track with Justin timberlake etc, and no one would blame him. Why ? cause they don’t want no trouble. But when you are not held accountable you become unable to really bring out good music cause no one is going to tell you that what you are doing is wack. Tony yayo and Lloyd banks were busy enjoying the life.

  • Tessa

    why do we need to choose between liking jayz and drake? or 50 and rick ross? or Wale and Tyler? Its music you can download or buy a physical copy of any hip hop artist. 90’s hip hop had the most varied artist and they all managed to coexist. I like nas, drake, jayz, rick ross, wale, jay cole, Kendrick, Eminem and the list goes on. My era is 90’s, my favourite hip hop artist is NASIR JONES, my fav group is WU TANG CLAN although I sometimes change to A TRIBE CALLED QUEST or PUBLIC ENEMY. Hip hop needs much more emcees, we really “need more people”

  • Ray

    It’s the beats people. Stop fighting. 50 needs to get better production. His production has been HORRID. Last I heard Yayo & Sha used to be the ones who would pick out beats or have the last say which beats reach 50. This needs to stop. Matter of fact he needs to get rid of his whole entire crew…at least from a music perspective. The reason RR is relevant now is due to his music production being flawless. I mean that goes for anyone. 50 in a sense kind of scared of ‘change’ and I feel you dudes saying he needs to stay with that ‘NY’ sound but let’s be honest dudes, the sounds and times have changed man. Don’t even get me started on MMLP2…Formula needs to change too. Why do you think Dr. Dre has so much faith right now on Kendrick and the whole TDE family? Be honest everyone TDE pretty much is new G Unit / Shady right now. Slaughterhouse did bad numbers as well. GRODT is a classic but you can’t repeat stuff. He needs to evolve and he’s been trying but not successful. Dude really needs to get off that Vitamin water money and high horse. I mean look at how Jay still tries to stay relevant. Regardless of how ‘bland'(imo) MGHG was it was relevant to the times. So please stop the infighting. When the man puts out a good record let’s all enjoy it. But until then 50 GET RID OF YOUR WHOLE CREW OR THE DUDES THAT PICKS THE BEATS FOR YOU. MATTER OF FACT DUDE GO YOURSELF MANG. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? MEET SOME YOUNG CATS UP IN QUEENS OR SOMETHING. SHEESH!

  • XYZ

    Well this music not…..

  • Hypnotic7

    Indeed it is murder and not music. Rest in peace Fox. We need more music. Less murder.

    • blackbeltbreeze


  • chris kelly

    you motherfucker$ is making me loo$e count

  • J.Troup

    50’s rise to fame was built on being the underdog. People love an underdog. But as soon as you ascend to champ, they pray for your downfall, by championing another underdog…

    50 is still trying to be the underdog from the streets…he can’t do that anymore. He’s at the point in his career where he needs to go the Jay-Z route, and just make hits, and tour.

    Also, 50 hasn’t attached himself to any young, hot rappers in the game. Jay-Z latched on to an up and coming Kanye. Wayne and Baby latched themselves on to a young Drake so they could breathe new lives into their careers.

    50 has yet to do that. He went and signed a bunch of old ass niggaz to G-Unit (Mobb Deep, MOP…), when what he needed to be doing was trying to build the next best thing.

    His career of being the hottest artist in his camp is OVER. He needs to use his OG status to bring new guys out, so that he can still sell records…then use those new guys to push those headphones, and whatever other products he has….


  • trini#dadon

    money dont make you real nigga u #fake ni***a…hahahaha..

  • Matt

    Niggas knocking 50 but 50 was the last NYC artist to hold it down.

  • Dwight Stewart

    Started off fire and then burnt out at the end… waisting precious rapping time counting money. vicious rapper when he raps though.

  • John Jay

    Funny how people always bring Ross to a 50 comment.
    Ross had his run, but never attained the same exposure and sales 50 had in his prime. Ross himself ain’t a platinum artist, and no artist on his label reached that level yet. Business wise he’s nowhere to compare…so I’ll end up saying, 50 this sound is nice, enjoy music and the money returns from your investments.
    You live the American Dream even if it’s not 100% perfect, you made it.

  • big v

    um… you guys do know 50 is notorious for dropping freebies like this… where he gives you 16 bars of work, then talks shit for 3 minutes… I run NY ft Yayo don’t ring a bell? …. ppl expectatons are through the roof for my dawg 50’s album. and it’s understandable… what other artist you know had this much success in 10 years like 50? … i think he got it now. the animal ambition tape will wake everyone up and pay attention, street king immortal will get 50 going again. i think all artists have gone through what 50 did. … its the same thing as when hov went through the process of kingdom come. to some ppl kingdom come wasnt nice.. i thought it was, and it proved to ppl that hov still had it. same thing with eminem after encore… em took a lil hiatus(personal reasons sure) but relapse proved to ppl.. hey em still got it. 50 WILL PROVE ALL HATERS WRONG. I SUGGEST EVERYONE HOP BACK ON THE BANDWAGON NOW. LAST TIME I CHECKED, IT WAS 100000% AUTHENTICITY FROM 50. WHO YOU KNOW CAN BREAK DOWN THE STREETS IN VERSES LIKE 50? IMO, TOP 10 DOA IN TERMS OF STORY TELLING.

  • T-hop

    We need slow flow and dope beats everyone now a days is just putting shit together to go with the beat and has no words rlly this fast rapping has got to end and we need 50s style back

  • South Africa’s Fly Boi

    This shit goes hard. Awww!! I was getting tired of that soft shit.

  • South Africa’s Fly Boi

    That other boi is losing, no matter who he aligns himself with – he bricks, No Games with the supposedly “hot artist” Future FLOPPED. The jay z featured shit dropped aint nobody cared, 50 listens i sent him a tweet sometime back basicaly tellin him to drop that “HATER SILENCER TYPA MUSIK” backed by #QUALITY PRODUCTION# A list producers : Dj Toomp, Dj khalil, No.Id, Araab MUZIQ, Dj premier, just blaze, Nottz, Danja, Em, 40, Timbo, excluding that Mike will made it kid & pharrell . His sound is already boring & tired. You backpekers is gonn sit at the barbershops talking about how fif is back on fire. You U.S niggas baffle us outchea, HOW U GONN SLEEP FIF? & let frauds, some feminine rappers run this rap shit? Shoutout to charlamagne tha god, Elliot Wilson we know across the globe you a 50 hater & jay a dick rider. 50 stays winning!