New Music: Rick Ross “Bound 2 (Freestyle)”


Ruthless records. Rozay sets the tone for 2014 with another freebie. This time he laces Yeezus‘ closing track. Are you ready for Mastermind?

Bonus:  “I Know” Ft. Whole Slab


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  • majormar

    Dat nigga ross killed that shit.

  • Rozaaaaaay!

  • KayandGee



    Rozays flow is boring. Straight up

    • switch it up or shut up

      man this nigga is boring and stale as hell. i wouldnt say he fell all the way off but that nigga heading that way.
      feel like i been hearing the same verses,beats and songs from this dude for over 4 years now.

      and just a final can he do anything without kanye,jay or drake involved.
      becoming played out the fuck out.

  • nirusxhonda

    yeah ross drop some nice bars on this..

  • Straight Up Comments


  • Futuredoc

    My boy comes thru again

  • SpaceGhost

    “Devil wants a nicca to hate his own kind/gotta be illuminati if a nicca shine.
    Oh I can’t be your nicca if a nicca rich/ I gotta be the devil/ that’s some nicca shit”. Jay Z
    Black people utilize so much energy to hate this man, and why? Because he used to be a Correctional Officer? So the f**K WHAT?! He had a job, unlike some of you nothing ass losers. Is it because he claims to be a gangster, but most like;y is not?? So the f**k what?!! Nobody is giving Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro or Johnny Cash a hard time about playing roles that they don”t really live. Of course they don’t…..because only niccas are dumb enough to be completely and utterly divided and conquered by white propaganda that has been instituted long before any of you were born. So score Rick Ross 1.8 every chance you get, all you want. He worked and made himself a success. Th success that most haters of their own kind will never see.

    • Chronic

      You’re defending a guy who also made his career off being a fake drug dealer promoting the selling of drugs

    • CmonSon

      Lol so many holes in that argument

  • whats the deal

    He needs to do a video like kanyes with a big box of wingstop

  • Neal
  • Zay

    Alabama Kenny – EPK

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    like last time they kept this at the front at the bottom and knocked 50 off to the next page smh so shady

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    Rick Ross is top 10 most lyrical in the game. yall better check his resume.. every year he improves his ability. He picks and chooses each mood a song, because every track shouldn’t need a rapgenius manual. And you know a big part of rap is about financial quantitative figures, ross is blowing up faster the 3d printing industry.- Romie

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Ricky trying get that buzz up before Mastermind, but ain’t shit working. Idk if it’s Def Jam or people just stopped caring, but he might actually flop this time around cause people are not paying Rick no mind.

    • LuxuryRap

      his verses are wack and keeps doing the same shit over and over…he needs to get some inspiration from Kanye or something

  • deadross

    jaba jaba jaba with the naba naba
    couple foreigns in da jaba make you naba jaba

  • deadross

    who’s better rick ross or 50 cent? GO!

  • Reality Over Industry

    Wack Sauce!

  • Damian Marshall

    No need to rewind that.

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    no one cares
    Not one Plat album in his whole career. Not one.

    Rap Radar’s king dummy, B Dot, claims “sales matter, hits!”.
    Well, what’s the last song that mattered from Ross?
    Where’s the hits?

    Ross, you had a cool run, but it’s over. You killed Meek Mill buzz, his “intro” is fucking biggest “hit”. smh

    MMG , dead

  • a nigga with common sense

    If Ross is such a fraud, why has nobody from the streets of Dade County ever exposed him? He also claims to be a part of Boobie’s Boys, a notorious drug org back in the day that murdered any opposition. Kenneth Boobie Williams got a life sentence for his part in the org, why has he never exposed Ross if Ross really was never in the streets????????

    Yall dont fucking think… you can’t claim to be street, you’ll be exposed..yet NOBODY has exposed Ross as a fraud.. yea he was a CO, that don’t mean he neva peddled no cocaine when times was rough brah..yall dont know shit bout the streets if you think he couldn’t use his position as a CO to his benefit, idiots.

  • FAME_Richdreams_Ceo
  • Vladimir holubiev

    your flow destroys my mind// bitch