New Video: Future “Maison Margiela”


So Fly.

Future’s flying the friendly skies. From the clear port to the private jet, Future is balling out of control in his new video. Everyone else, please be seated.

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  • oochie luchiano

    hes getting paid i cant be mad at that….he knows his his lane

  • realATLien

    More recycled bull shit… more capitalism… have y’all seen west Atlanta? Do you know about the shitty Atlanta School Systems? TAKE SOME EFFORT AND REPRESENT THE TRUTH FOR YOUR CITY!!!

  • titus tucker

    New Rocafella? No hate.. just shocked.

  • sun

    fuck these fashion fiends. u losing the real hip hop with this elite homosexual clothing designer worship

    • Uncle Tom

      Hip hop always talked and wore high end shit look at biggie, nigga was Versace obsessed. You either are broke or down low fag not comftorable with your sexuality wearing dope clothes. Stop hating pussy

    • nicoswebaby

      And it’s called metrosexual you ignorant ugly clothes wearing bitch

    • Jay

      No lie those are some ugly ass Shoes. I don’t care if they were cheaper than Payless shoes, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that shit.

  • Uncle Tom

    Future sucks

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI

    All these rappers ‘ll find out how far a couple of million will get you if you want to uphold that lifestyle “forever”. Better invest that money wisely instead of waisting it on ridiculous jewels & clothes.

  • deadross

    is this good for hiphop.. NO! will i be drunk at a party going HAM to this joint..YES!

    damn guilty pleasure smh