Ice Cube ‘Everythang’s Corrupt’ Date

Kings Of The Mic Tour With Special Guests LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy And De La Soul

Everythang’s A Wait.

After numerous delays, Ice Cube has now locked in another date for his 10th studio album, but it’s still going to be awhile. Everythang‚Äôs Corrupt May 13. Yeah Yeah,


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  • JD

    Anyone notice that Elliot wilson did everything he could in his MMLP2
    review to talk about a couple highlights and avoid saying how the album
    was as a whole. has yet to give his views on it as well. No bueno
    for the website that’s supposed to have it’s fingers on the pulse of the

    • kanye west

      mmlp2 was shit, straight garbage. i cant listen to a man screaming through a whole album.

      • IllestMC

        smh…you probably thought yezzus was good didn’t you

        • kanye west

          i will tell one thing it shits on MMLP2, and that saying something.


    This album will be the best rap album of the year #CLASSIC

  • LO

    how he annoucing this shit now? that’s 4 months away smh

  • Sheena

    Alabama Kenny – EPK