Mazaradi Fox Shot & Killed In Queens



Former G-Unit affiliate Mazaradi Fox (Jamal Green), was fatally shot inside his SUV in Queens this afternoon. He was 42 years old. Three passengers were also wounded. So far, no arrests have been made.

Last month, the Queens native was released from prison after serving two years on an assault charge.


UPDATE: 50 Cent & Tony Yayo express condolences.


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  • papertagz

    damn rip homie. i liked this song

    • brickfigga

      Dam that’s some fucked up
      we gonna miss you bro

  • OcelotDME

    R.I.P to Fox

  • Komrade Sha

    Just came home with you from Queensboro. Damn, I’m lost for words. RIP my brother. Komrade Sha.

    • bigfoot2011

      Stop flexing. U from Canada or somethin

  • LOL

    very sad, R.I.P. my dude.

  • areal1

    R.I.P. fox damn fif have a lil respect your man just died who gives a fuck about sms audio that’s just me tho

  • Gaz

    Did 50 cent really put that hashtag on, what the fuck is wrong with him

    • TImeChange

      ha,yea,50 crazy

    • G

      50 cent hashtags everything. He just paid for Fox’s stepdaughters funeral. Lay off. Dude was his friend

    • CanYouAllHearMe

      It’s automatic on every tweet. Damn this is sad, he was all excited last week after being a free man and copped a new car.

      • bigfoot2011

        What did he go to jail for?

  • Joseph E Pryor

    R.I.P. Mazaradi Fox you will be missed. you showed a lot of love. ill show it back.

  • Haha

    shit is kind of weird fo real, didn’t this nigga 50 just released a song, and now all of a sudden his mans gets killed. This is Murda, Not Music? trying to be organized Fif i see smh

  • DaPhatSpotRusher

    I don’t understand the SMS Audio tag. Why would he put that in there?

  • Ray

  • darrick72

    No disrespect to the dead, but do we really need to keep hearing about these minor leaguers? 50 is shameless. I love that man.

  • bigfoot2011

    DIssin dead ppl is uncharted territory for me but this nigga ran his mouth like crazy. 42 yr old thug. Smh. No one deserves to die but some put themselves in bad situations

  • No love in northside, RIP