New Music: Young Buck “Sh!t (Remix)”

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Buck’s Back.

Now that Young Buck’s a free man, he makes up for the lost time with a freebie to Future’s underground sensation. Make no mistake, Sh!t still stinks.


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  • Korey

    nope.. just nope my nigga..

  • AnastasYah

    Give it up Buck.Tape Conversation been nailed you in the Coffin years ago and 50 still has you by the balls contractually.

    • Evidence from 50 didn’t halt Rick Ross’ shine.
      Keep it up Buck!

      • AnastasYah

        This Buck compared to the”Straight Outta Cashville”Buck is no comparison.Dude looks ashy,broke,fat and fucked up.50 booted this nigga 5years ago,do you think he’s going to actually have a career nowadays?Hey Buck,call Trina or Monica today and let’s see if either one would take your calls.

        • smh

          Are Trina or Monica taking ya calls? …..yeah didn’t think so, you dissin’ a nigga saying he can’t do something he could at one time but you could never do…..Trina or Monica aint answering today or yesterday for ya crab in the barrel ass…..foh….buck still dope to me (one of the only south niggas I can bang in the whip…still to this day!)

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Photo cut out his receding hairline. Buck was that dude back in like 04 🙁

  • Toni Strandman

    Hope Buck gets back on his shit cuz I was really feelin him a couple of years ago

  • Novakaine

    Maybe I’d cop a Buck album Buck Trick Daddy Game and Bun B need to do an album


  • The content & delivery is there now find your own flow & Buck back.