Beyonce ‘Self-Titled’ Documentary

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Imperfection. After dropping the bomb with her iTunes-record breaking album, BEYONCÉ, Mrs. Carter takes us behind the scenes and discusses the creating process of the visual project.

In other news, she makes history earning her fifth consecutive #1 album on the Billboard charts.

UPDATE: Part 3 below

UPDATE 2:  Part 4 below.

UPDATE: Part 5 now added.

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  • Ben

    I would eat beyonces asshole

    • Have some respect. What if you read Jay Z had been declared bankrupt and then you came home from a hard day’s work and you found Jigga eating your mamma’s asshole then peeing on her?

    • RealAdvice

      Thats crazy,rather wack off to this -> instead

    • ladean

      sorry playa eatin ass aint wheres its at…that just shows that u r so easily manipulated by visual shit (pun intended)…your mind is wack as fuck…just shut the fuck up.

  • s24b

    King. That is all.

  • yeah

    if you didn’t think this album was jammin, somethin’s witchu

  • Brilliant execution , saved that promo money and put it into the production of her videos, surprising the public was genius ! SALUTE!

  • aintshit

    all i know is…..THEY WINNING!!!

  • sincereakilleez

    Beyonce is the closest thing the world has to Michael Jackson

    • The truth

      Kill yourself. You do not know music sir.

      • The truth

        Don’t get me wrong Beyonce is Beyonce and good at what she does but she can’t be compared to the great MJ. C’mon son

        • He said closest thing, not THE ACTUAL THING!

          • Helf

            Beyoncé doesn’t write her music, she’s a pretty lady that sings and dances, MJ made music

    • drewsmit24

      Beyonce doesnt make music for men Mike did

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  • Beyonce is doing another documentary. F it. Sell it. They’re buying it, so keep selling it. They’re on a lifelong winning streak over there.

  • MassConglom

    • You drop a video on a blog saying “Shot In Harlem”,
      Shits so wack you might can get Shot in Harlem.

  • Reggie

    Google – Rapper Kenny Thomas

  • smoss44

    fuck this robot! deep voice ass overrated ass bought her own albums ass fake ass fame whore ass bitch!

  • TeF

    Yonce is killing shit…obviously. It just cracks me up that every time one of these pictures of her and Blue Ivy pops up, she’s carrying her like a purse or some kind of accessory. LOL. Like this baby is strictly business, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but between staying in the dance and recording studio (fucking album just dropped, that shit was being worked on in the last 8 months), and being on tour almost immediately, this chick really doesn’t seem to have a connection with that baby. Usually mother’s entire life routine shuts down for like the first two years. Dafuqs that about?

    • tessa

      what?????? where do you live???????? with money without money people be working.

  • SON.OF

  • FAME_Richdreams_Ceo yall gotta hear this kid

  • Hov won.

  • One the musical icons of our generation (they all usually & oddly have one name ie. Prince, Madonna, Sade etc. but that’s another story) & I’m glad she’s continuing to add to her legacy in a positive way. The release of a visual & no promo album are #NewRules being written right in front of us. Salute. #TIMELESS

  • YOSS