he took it back to rappers delight lol props for this snoop.. he not making sense though lmao

  • Chubby

    He killed this performance tho. Hip-hop is modern Be-Bop.

  • Ed

    Damn, he came a long way from being the vilified putrid of music on the news. #DoggystyleForever

  • BillyBobJohn

    this is huge man someone like snoop dont discriminate RR jay aint the only one ………..

  • basedgenie

    Snoop is slickest motherfucker EVER

  • He BODIED the switching of the lyrics to keep it classy & appropriate for the audience. Too WAVY. “Who would ever think that Hip-Hop would take it this far?…” Salute Unc Snoop. #TIMELESS

  • uuu
  • Yeeeahhh. Stunt on em Snoop! This is for all the non believers! For all the nonbelievers! Anything’s possible *Bart Scott voice* I never thought I’d see a day when Snoop Dogg was rhyming at a Presidential event. Maybe Snoop Lion but not Snoop Dogg. When they brought him out and he was kicking rhymes instead of singing I was hyped af.

  • yesken

    snoop still stuntin on all of them hahaha !! killed it

  • John Jay

    Snoop is a hall of famer, period.