New Music: Fred The Godson “Quarter Past Three”

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 6.08.11 PM

3 AM, Fred’s Splitting With Her.

In actuality, any time is a good time for bumping and grinding. But on Fred The Godson’s new track, the smooth operator is clocking in at 3:15. Fat Boy Fresh coming soon.

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  • Chris M

    Shit is nice.

  • areal1

    Let’s go fred im feelin this and the sessions joint just keep the momentum going

  • polopolo1

    How am I gonna listen to somone who doesn’t even know a quarter past 3 is 3:25 not 3:15

    • the educated one

      Go to school you dumbass a clock has 60 mins not 100

  • rap real

    3:25 dawg. 3:25. Damn son. SMH

    • the educated one

      You and your special ed classmate never learned time in school I see. Fred the Godson doesn’t go over your head he goes thru it. Learn how to tell time you stupid mother_____ shut your mouth.

  • kanye west

    it’s FRED