Auburn Use Jay Z & Beyonce For Play


The Longest Yard.

Jay Z and Beyonce weren’t enough to prevent Auburn University from falling to Florida State University last night in the BCS Championship Game. During the contest, Auburn’s offensive coordinators used The Carter’s images for their plays. Better luck next year, War Eagles.

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  • Faded

    This is just weird man. You know our generation is fucked up when a college football team uses pictures of celebrities to call a play in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! WTF?

    • Word

      How is that a sign of a weird or fucked up generation? You use images and terminology familiar to the young team you’re coaching. Whatever helps facilitate the play calling and help the team execute, how is that a problem? It helped them all the way to the title game.

      I can tell you’ve never played a sport.

      • Trillionare

        Exactly…. I thought I was missing something!!! Niggas just say anything in these comment boxes!!

      • Faded

        Are u fuckin stupid bro? seriously u are fucking brain dead. no one would have done this shit even 10 years ago. And why put a celebrity? no problem with play singal cards no point of using Jay and Bey. Hope they got their royalties though… Also youre a fuckin cum dumpster

        • Word

          Lmao when you start using insults, you’ve lost the argument. Like I said, u never played sports. Using images the team is familiar with ain’t uncommon. Relax.

  • Hussle

    thats corny

  • yeaHOE

    and I care because????

  • dafuq

    Im sure their was an interview on shade 45 or something that could have been a better story. This isnt news.

  • areal1

    Bdot really I mean really??Come on you really posting this shit.Man you really coming off like some type of hov groupie like some weird obsessed fan come on man I don’t even do the comment board bashing but this is disgusting its an up and coming artist you could be posting but you post this bullshit but then you get ya panties in a bunch when the radio only plays what’s popular knock it off stop trying to be tmz

  • Trillionare

    Whats weird about this?? Its hiphop related…. Something thats unrelated to HipHop using HipHop to relate to the kids that plays on there team!!!! By the way University of Oregon have been doing this for years this isnt new!!

  • LTD

    If you follow Auburn, you would know that they’ve been doing this all year with Rick Ross and Nicki. And Auburn is the tigers by the way. War Eagle is a chant that they say.

  • 2PAC

    B dot a dick rider….