Jeopardy! ‘It’s A Rap’ Category

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Nigga, We Made It!

Jeopardy! celebrated hip-hop last night with it’s “It’s A Rap” category. Technically the answer to the $800 clue is Melle Mel, not Grandmaster Flash. But hey, who’s counting.


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  • Dan Karlin

    Alex Trebek: Still a better rapper than 2 Chainz.

    • nirusxhonda

      LOL!!! you a fool for that one and he don’t even rap

      • Dan Karlin

        Yep… That’s the joke.

  • nirusxhonda

    you folks think some white folks don’t bump rap in private they listening lol..good to see this to show you how far hip hop/rap has came…

  • Faded

    Ha this gets no love cause these young dudes dont know any of these cats. if you ppl knew hiphop before 2000,, those were the golden ages of rap

  • caleb hampton

    Eh..We made it because we were referenced in a predominately white audience?
    Haha, massa approves of Hip Hop!

  • TeF

    LOL, These contestants are supplied the categories and field beforehand, you’re smoking crack if you think all of them are fans. The shit they read and researched is no different from an anthropology subject category. I’m not saying they can’t be fans, these were easy ass questions to a Hip Hop head but what I’m saying is that the category is a subject matter they studied and rehearsed and most likely give zero fucks about.

    • eastpointvet

      they are not supplied either categories or field beforehand so you sir would be the only one smoking crack to believe that. if they listen to any amount of pop culture they would have easily answered these questions as they all had a clue included in them.

  • Matt

    “Mary that 1st round was not a good one for You” LMAO

  • So fuckin DOPE. I’m TIGHT they taking wrong answers for $800 though. #TIMELESS