New Music: Young Chris “Devil Is A Lie (Freestyle)”

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Young Sinner.

This Philly kid back at it. And over Rick Ross and Jay’s track, the young gunna throws a few rhymes over the beat. His Vital Signs EP is available now.

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  • deadross

    somesay jay z stole his swag

    • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

      If you close your eyes you would think Jay rappin, damn shame poor Chris

    • KILLA

      He certainly did. Everybody can attest for that we Jay put him on he started rhyming just like Chris. Young Chris was asked about it and he kinda laughed, those laughs like yeah you’re right but he’s the “Big Homie” thing. Although, this freestyle was underwhelming to me.

    • GeneralMoney

      He Did

  • BlackAnastasia

    Meek didn’t respond to this Ashy bum biggest subliminal disses awhile back so I guess it back to the drawing board.All Rocafella artist outside of KanYe and CamRon are broke!Not a good look JayZ.

    • Zulu

      As if Jay Z is responsible for their life choices after the Roc split. Kanye and Cam’ have money ’cause they’ve earned theirs through hard work and talent. If, say, Amil or Rell wanted the same they should have come harder. Hov’s coat tails are long, but at some point you’ve got to stand on your own two.

  • It wasn’t bad, but not better than the original

  • brza

    this would be much better if it were mastered properly Chris went in though

  • Hussle

    damn Chris…I hope Jay cut u a big check after stealing ur flow #justsayin