Sage The Gemini “Gas Pedal” Goes Platinum

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Sage The Gemini screeched past the one million mark with his song “Gas Pedal” earning a platinum plaque. Meanwhile, his other hit “Red Nose” has reached gold status. Congrats! Sage’s Remember Me is set to arrive later this year.

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  • West West

    West Coast off to a good start and it just gets better! While NY and South feudin and tryin to figure out there sound/Watch the West Coast come and reclaim the crown! #theindustryowesus

    • Ea sports

      The west will never have the “crown” again, we are already alcumated with the west coast culture. That’s the only way these regions get the crown because we become fascinated with the culture and the artists to come out that region ie Houston, atl and la

      • West West

        Everything thats on the radio is west coast. The no.1 rapper in game is from where? The west coast. Everyone is going to Mustard or League of Starz for hit records. We got the crown bro bro!

        • HipHop

          Pro Era>>West

        • Ea sports

          Everything on what radio is west coast??? Everything on the radio is down south Atlanta bull shit, west been fully cooked since 94 son

  • Iam Taunt

  • Quap

    platinum album and still rocking Michael kors smh

    • Dre

      Platinum single

  • fullyautomatic

    Hold up grab DA wall

  • Congratulations to that young man. Keep it up man.

  • BillyBobJohn

    now that his plat rr will be on his dick just watch

  • Hollywood the God

    shout out to sage…fairfield aint far from stockton…whats good…he know how to make catchy songs

  • Yo


  • Nae

    Let’s be honest here what talent do you really need to get your song on the radio and popping i am proud of sage and I’m not knocking him for how far he has come. But can we please make music with subsentence and not just a good beat with a catchy hook & chorus. I turn on the radio and they play the same stuff over and over and they all sound the same. Sadly these songs will all die down once twerking and yiking goes outta style so will the music and people will move on. I’m just talking real shit so next… The music industry needs to go back to saling and producing good hits. You will never hear of mj, tupac, salt n pepper, Mariah Carey, tlc… Etc going outta style they will forever make money off the music they already sold.

    • Tracy Ann Wilson

      I agree !!! Yes sounds same these days

  • Tracy Ann Wilson

    Gas pedal sounds just like red nose ! Beat same, rapping bout same shit ! Nothing unique any more

  • Tracy Ann Wilson

    Beat is good but come on where’s so w good lyrics at with these 2 songs ? Shake it like a red nose ??really ?? Now, gas pedal . Gas pedal .. Too similar sounding !still rapping bout same shit .