• Trappin’ Trev

    this was a wild doc. i fux with this. salute to chicago and all that are living there.

  • grizz

    this is literally the L.A gang wars era repeating without the colors

  • Truth is

    The most important part of this doc was the last 15 minutes, everything else was just glorifying what’s wrong in Chicago. What these kids need is to realize not everyone is going to be Kanye West but if they study and stay in school they can leave these lives of violence and be better than just some wanna-be rapper.

  • HoustonHitta

    Got to be one of the realist things ive ever seen on worldstar Great post

  • Toni Strandman

    Damn thats fucked up growin up in chicago

  • BELE

    amazing film. Great for awareness. we hear jokes about chicago’s crime rate all the time, it sometimes escapes us that shit is really real out there. People are lost and they need help. Somebody need to submit this to Obama or whoever the hell is in charge over in Chicago.

    notice that the film shed light on the gang-ridden history of Chicago’s past (dating as far back to the times of Al Capone).

    Couple that with the City of Chicago’s counter-productive efforts to pacify Chicago’s crime, which consequently and consequentially backfired, making it easier to comprehend why the murder rate in low-income Chicago has been booming over the last couple of decades.

    I’d say thats a great place to start thinking of ways to “cure” the conditions…
    It could be my weed talking, but there needs to be efforts to get somebody higher up in Chicago to view this