2Pac Musical Coming To Broadway


Great White Way.

A musical inspired by 2Pac’s work is coming to Broadway this spring. Opening curtain for “Holler If You Hear Me” begins on May 26th at the Palace Theater in New York.

According to producers, the show isn’t about Pac’s life, but rather a tale about “friendship, family, revenge, change and hope”. Musical backdrops are said to include “Me Against the World,” “California Love”, “Keep Ya Head Up,” and more.


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  • LuckyP757

    FOH with this shit

  • areal1

    I don’t know about the play but anything to shine a light on one of the greats in hip hop history (GOAT IMO) is always a positive.Especially since a lot of rappers today are making microwave music they get to see an example of an artist who was if not anything else passionate about his craft.

    • LuckyP757

      well you’d better vote against this one. there gonna have your boy looking like a hoe with tyler perry behind this play

  • onlyrealshh

    a real nigga can never look like a ho. had revolutionary in his dna he just got lost along the way but his heart and message stayed the same though at times his tactics and methods may have been questionable. but he was only 25 and accomplished so much in the world of arts being very opionated political against the power structure while being the biggest star in the world in the mainstream. 17 years later all around the world he is loved. so who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say he was realer then these fuck niggas on his worst day!


    I’m from Brazil, 2pac is the best rapper of all time, I have respect for him and the family of the Pac, but I believe it Afeni Shakur is not doing a good job in keeping the legacy that 2pac made.
    I wish you made ​​some better with the legacy of Pac, type a super Hollywood production and I know that still has not released materials
    With this material could catch good producers do not like in the past that had caught the motherfucker Eminem to produce was certainly the worst posthumous 2Pac album.
    Please Afeni Shakur, all the fans want to see Pac when Pac is where he deserves which is on top!

  • yo

    Tupac was actually a highly regarded ballet dancer and theatrical performer. His rap persona was 100% fake

    • areal1

      Depends on what you say his rap persona was cause If you are implying it was a gangster shoot em up style then you are misinformed and probably just listening to old media clips listen to his music or his interviews he always talked about different social issues but if you want to focus on the negative then that’s just you but like HE said”im not a thug cause I wanna Rob people and rape people I’m a thug cause I came from the gutter and I’m still here” T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. The hate u give little infants fucks everyone . Actually listen b4 you comment on something

  • jay-z-is-beyonces-husband



  • This is beautiful. I wanna see them do Tupac on Ice. Tupac Disney movie. all that. Always good to have some Pac stuff out there

  • eastbayjames

    Stay ballin in thugz mansion Pac. The greatest to ever do this hip hop shit. RIP.

  • Youngn757.com

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  • Sam Robilotta

    Tupac was my favorites of all time.. please please please don’t fuck this one up.

  • GreenBergs

    these people have no shame, just continue to try and make profits off a dead legend, let the man rest in peace already..

  • Donovan Niccolò Henry

    For many years there was speculation that 2Pac was actually two persons & not dead! Well finally the tell all book is in the works…
    HNY The year of Truth
    I gave birth to most of these MC’s! Untold stories of Tupac https://www.facebook.com/notes/donovan-niccolò-henry/my-adventures-with-tupac-exerts-from-book-forthcoming-revised/10151235779814913 The tell all secrets of Thug Life! I am The Don 2014 the return of Truth