Method Man Announces New Mixtape

the meth lab

Back In The Lab.

Method Man has his eyes set on 2014. According to a post on his FB page, he will be releasing his new mixtape, The Meth Lab in March. And if all goes according to plan, he will finally release his long-awaited Crys Meth this August.


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  • frost


  • John Jay

    MEF…long live TICAL

  • spliffjones

    I hope this shit is brought to the public’s eye in the correct fashion and he pops past 100k in sales on that first week.. This album, will surpass MMLP2 and MCHG but the numbers won’t tell the right story and it saddens me that numbers are the misfit scale that they are nowadays. Oh well can’t wait til both projects drop

    • JP

      Dude, learn to read. Mixtape not album. Dumbass.

      • spliffjones

        “And if all goes according to plan, he will finally release his long-awaited Crys Meth this August.” read the whole post, idiot. Did you read what I wrote at all? I sad can’t wait until both projects drop.

        • Nickey Negrito

          Dudes just wanna beef on the internet and I hate that. But I’m with you Spliff.

    • Nickey Negrito

      I feel where you coming from bro, even though it’s a mixtape. I think your saying lyrically Method Man can bring the pain but his sales won’t add up. That’s true. He’s really gonna have to go in lyrically wise and have great production. No more of that crap beats he selects. He’s like Nas when it comes to beats. When Red and Mef collaborate they usually have good production but never top notch production and Weed is always their top subject. Method too nice for just weed bars. Red I understand but Method Man gotta really do him or else.

  • Chris M

    One of the dopest MCs ever, and his verse on the A$AP Nast joint is tough, so I have hope for this. Just hope he doesn’t let us down the way most of our 90’s heroes seem to these days….

  • Damian Marshall


  • Damian Marshall

    Can’t Wait for new Wu shit.

  • Nickey Negrito

    This would actually be his first ever mixtape correct? Method Man should really be in ppls top ten mc list. I believe Method had a chance of being one of the greatest mc’s ever but he clowned a lot. Red And Mef linking up was a great idea but they didn’t execute that combination correctly. HOW HIGH is their best song together. Everything else was nice but not really classic like HOW HIGH or Biggie ft Mef on THE WHAT or Mef ft Mary J YOUR ALL I NEED. I hope Method Man does excellent this year. He’s my Top ten.

  • fasfas

    Hi guys. Pls listen to my mixtape here: thx a lot