• poetic assasin

    a lot of venom will be thrown his way but this joint goes in

  • OKKK

    almost didnt give this a listen cause of who made it, but the name and then the beat got me listening.

    I aint even mad.

    I may even have to put this on my phone now.

    • Eugene Johnson

      same here I almost didn’t listen…something told me to listen..now I wish I didnt

  • PW


  • Matt

    Dope , he is working on his skill that’s whats up

  • el jim chapo guzman

    hot but this shit ant gonna blow..

  • Rufus Buck

    Pusha T is at home complaining that his flow has just been burglarized.

    • Percival Molina

      it’s funny how ace hood had his whole people stealing his flows movement when there are several songs he’s rapping like 2 chainz.. smh I stopped listening to him at that point

  • rawrap

    Bodied this

  • Sound off!

  • rawrap

    Gorrilla hungry

  • fuck ACE

    Its not fading FYFR part II by Born Allah. Thats shit is way iller!

  • jameal

    check out. my song plz leave feed back https://soundcloud.com/jameal-2/jameal-ft-danlocz-cosby

  • “When Nas was the truth?” Nas doper than you right now, Gz. SMH I hate when niggas always feel the need to mention legends in their verse/hook to make the verse hot. Just rap.

  • domo

    lol this guy is talking bout himself what was that song about a million dollar car which he doesnt own smh

  • realish

    Damn ace hoos spittn bars on this shit is kinda hard. harder thn ne ny rapper verse lately.

    • Eugene Johnson

      are you serious?….this is pure garbage..

  • stideprince

  • Matthew Morgan

    He puttin on right now

  • inf


  • kanye west

    i fuck with this song. but not that clap/snare.

  • NotImpressed!

    HOT???Puttin on????Na….WAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!!!

  • Viva La Raza

    pretty nice, I like it.

    Stealing Pusha’s flow? what, that “yuck” noise??
    stupid to even complain about.

    Ace on a nice roll for 2014, give us another “hustler hard” anthem and ill buy your album again

    • Eugene Johnson

      he wasn’t even “hot” on hustle hard the original….niggaz was snatchin up the remix…wayne destroyed the remix

  • The Incredible Creation

    2nd “King Of The South” claim lol Tip isn’t gonna be happy about this lol — & why all these niggas think they know what Biggie or ‘Pac would think or say? ..chill out.. smh

  • Eugene Johnson

    this shit is pure garbage….I know damn well they didn’t put this garbage can liner song out as a buzz single?…this nigga is a damn fool!…”new king of the south & who got a problem with it?”..this dummy cant fuck with T.I. and mentioning LEGENDS like PAC,BIG,& PUN only makes his song WEAKER..cause that formula has been used so many times..THUMBS DOWN..GARBAGE