New Music: Papoose “Hope”

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The Anticipation Continues.

Papoose keeps hope alive and takes on Fabolous and Jadakiss collaboration. His next tape Hoodie Season 2 drops soon.

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  • Chronic

    I feel like him and buck are the only 2 that have dropped songs this year…and they keep puttin em out every

  • deo

    who is this papoose guy?

  • LuckyP757

    RR just tell the people the posting rates so some more deserving up and comers could at least get some shine up here. this is ridiculous and clear as day that payola is the reason you’re posting FUCKING PAPOOSE!!! lets keep it real in 2014

    • marty mcfly

      Maybe its because Pap actually raps good?

      • LuckyP757

        you don’t sound too sure about that good sir

        • marty mcfly

          No im very sure. whatever new comers you talking about dont stand a chance against this nigga if we talking bars.

          • LuckyP757

            PAPPOOSE, IS THAT YOU?!??

        • marty mcfly

          And he roasted K dot like a thanksgiving turkey last year when he responded to Control.

  • Sean Power

    i like this


    You Cant even Front on this Joint

  • 100blackcoffin

    Whats the name of the beat? will somebody pls help me

    • ThatGuy

      The beat is from “Hope” by Fabolous ft. Jadakiss

  • 100blackcoffin

    Or which song is it from may I ask?

  • Damian Marshall


  • Matt

    I got the instrumental too I was Hoping for that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tru Indeed

    Shit is fire

  • CmonSon


  • viva la Raza

    regardless of the negative hype people talking about, this shit is dope.

    bars, explosive bars