New Music: Vado x Ace Hood “Stop Being Greedy (Freestyle)”

stop being greedy

Better Pay Some Attention, That Go For Elliott Wilson

We The Best’s starters Vado and Ace Hood team up and tackle DMX’s classic, “Stop Being Greedy” instrumental. Sounds like Khaled’s label starting the new year off right.

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  • realish

    Finally we can get back to that real hip hop good sht

  • rap real

    fucking dope. they both got busy.

  • stideprince
  • rawrap

    Vado n Ace wreckin streets year of raw rap n lycrism

  • Fred

    I’m not mad at this at ALL. Ace actually went in

  • Prestige

    Vado real focused. NYs realest right now. Sinatra

  • Fred

    This song and the Fuck Your Favorite Rapper joint, shows a new type of hunger in Ace…I’m always happy to hear somebody REALLY adjusting their craft. Like Bleek on the Dynasty album or when Ross suddenly started upping his ante on the ‘Deeper than rap’ album or even when Yayo had a little streak of hotness on G-Unit’s ‘Return of the body snatchers’ mixtapes. It’s always some of the have-nots who can’t stand being the middleman and start demolishing. While Bleek n Yayo’s “hot verse” days just lasted for a few months, Ace can actually learn from Ross. I’ll be on the lookout for this guy this year…


      Totally Understood and Agree 100%

  • Steve Baker

    These niggas ruined a classic. No one should be rapping over DMX beats at all. SMH.

    • bigfoot2011

      This shit was hot. Hate niggaz like u who just talk just to talk.

  • Fred

    Oh. And the Elliott Wilson shot was much appreciated. I love the guy since his legendary XXL columns which I used to read religiously. And I still love his blatant rudeness during the crowns…BUT he DOES have some kind of a fuckboy aura around him. Not in a negative way…But still…


    YN Got Shot !!! Ha!

  • Fred

    One more thing: Ace DOES however kinda jacks Pusha’s flow. From the similar sounding “Ulgh” at the beginning of his verse to the “Pac at the Coachella” line from “New God Flow”. It’s a a universal line which any rapper can flip, but it’s HOW he says it. Eerily similar…

    • Ace has had this flow since he started. He stole nothing.

      • Fred

        He did say “Ulgh” at the beginning of his verse and “Pac at the coachella” similar to the way Pusha said it in ‘New God Flow’. At least give me that.

  • cannon

    damn new york was hot because there beats were hot back then! till this day “stop being greedy” who is this scram jones or dame grease one of the other this is a raw beat from new york they some hot new york producers or sumthin

    • realish

      Actually the beats these days is wayy better. back in the days they had simple but hard beats but the raps was more lyrical n realer. nowadays the beats more upgraded n better so u can flow n say sum wak sht and youll still listen cuz the beat so hard.

  • LA Tha Gawd™
  • poetic assasin

    woooooooooooo this the shit I’m takin about!

  • Nope. Nah. No.

  • NovaKaine

    Ace had a good shot but don’t think he capitalized on his opportunity

    • The Incredible Creation

      But his verse is probably better than every track on ya soundcloud page tho lol *no shots*

  • Fly boulevard


  • Viva La Raza

    yeah, this go hard. This is what I want to be hearing, fuck you music

  • The Incredible Creation

    Sad that Khaled is talking on this lol =(

  • The Incredible Creation

    oh KING OF THE SOUTH huh? someone tell Clifford Harris about this…. lol