Rap Radar 2013 Lists Recap


Missed The Lists? Well you’re in luck. Check out the recap below. See you next year.

10 Best Albums:

10. Childish Gambino Because The Internet

9. Freddie Gibbs ESGN

8. Wale The Gifted

7. Kanye West Yeezus

6. Tyler, The Creator Wolf

5. Pusha T My Name Is My Name

4. J.Cole Born Sinner

3. Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2

2. Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail

1. Drake Nothing Was The Same


5 Underrated Albums:

5. Prodigy x The Alchemist Albert Einstein

4. Yo Gotti I Am

3. Danny Brown OLD

2. Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2

1. Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off


5 Disappointing Albums:

5. Nelly M.O.

4. Goodie Mob Age Against The Machine

3. Tyga Hotel California

2. 2 Chainz B.O.A.T.S. 2: #METIME

1. Big Sean Hall Of Fame


5 Worst Albums:

5. U-God The Keynote Speaker

4. Snoop Lion Reincarnated

3. Eve Lip Lock

2. will.i.am #willpower

1. LL Cool J Authentic


10 Best Mixtapes:

10. Trae Tha Truth I Am King

9. Big K.R.I.T. King Remembered In Time

8. Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw

7. Troy Ave New York City

6. Grand Hustle G.D.O.D.

5. Chance The Rapper Acid Rap

4. Meek Mill Dreamchasers 3

3. Action Bronson Blue Chips 2

2. J.Cole Truly Yours 2

1. El-P x Killer Mike Run The Jewels


10 Best Singles:

10. French Montana “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”

9. A$AP Ferg “Work”

8. Ace Hood Ft. Future x Rick Ross “Bugatti”

7. Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

6. Rich Homie Quan “Type Of Way”

5. Wale x Tiara Thomas “Bad”

4. Eminem x Rihanna “The Monster”

3. Rocko Ft. Future x Rick Ross “U.O.E.N.O.”

2. J.Cole “Power Trip”

1. Drake “Started From The Bottom”


5 Worst Singles:

5. Nelly “Hey Porsche”

4. French Montana x Nicki Minaj “Freaks”

3. Future Ft. Miley Cyrus x Mr. Hudson “Real & True”

2. Mike Will Made It Ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J “23”

1. Migos “Hannah Montana


5 Best Guest Verses:

5. Jay Z “Pound Cake”

4. Rick Ross “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”

3. Kendrick Lamar “Control”

2. Big Sean “All Me”

1. Drake “Versace”


5 Best Beats:

5. Don Cannon “Numbers On The Boards”

4. DJ Mustard “R.I.P.”

3. Boi-1da, Timbaland, Vinylz & J-Roc “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”

2. J.Cole “Power Trip”

1. Boi-1da x Jordan Evans “Pound Cake”


5 Best R&B Albums:

5. Janelle Monáe The Electric Lady

4. The-Dream IV Play

3. Jhené Aiko Sail Out

2. Mack Wilds New York: A Love Story

1. Beyoncé BEYONCÉ

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  • Da Business

    Y’all have to help the fans out RR. We’d be a lot more understanding if u all would just give us ur criteria for ur list. Most of this shit doesn’t make any sense my G. I fux/ w this site heavy, but y’all be killin’ me.


      YN and B. Dot shows what their logic is in this video. I don’t agree with them (or all of Charlemagne’s arguments) but it is what it is:

  • domo

    this site is soooo funny i feel like they are trolling to just get people to click on the posts and leave a comment

    • Sun Zoo


  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    lol its their opinion the people got their own lists

    • Sam Robilotta

      It’s so funny people arguing over opinions. Like their view is the “correct” one. There is no right or wrong answer. I swear people just don’t think before they type sometimes. They just spew negative and hateful comments and expect to be heard and respected.

      • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

        You just contradicted yourself. During the discussions about NWTS receiving the number one album for ’13, YOU were telling people that their opinions were wrong. And that was after some people (not all) gave articulate responses or opinions. I understand you are a Drake fan, but over the course of the past two days you have not stated or provided a detail opinion in one instance of why you believe NWTS is #1 for 2013 and I for one would like to hear it. I’m not one who cannot be persuaded if a person has a good opinion.
        I thought the album was decent. My expectations for it were very high because I thought Take Care was near perfect. I thought the production on NWTS was kind of boring, especially “Own It” and “305 to My City”. I thought the subject matter was repetitive, especially after he pretty much discussed the same stuff on Take Care. I think he should challenge himself to think of other concepts. He is a very sharp lyricist but artistically he can be limited at times, just like Jay-Z was in the late ’90s, early ’00s.
        J. Cole’s Born Sinner in my opinion was a better album. I thought the production was on point especially on “Villuminati”, “Let Nas Down”, “Power Trip” and “Forbidden Fruit”. I thought the concepts were better because they provoked the listeners to think about not only their own life but the world around them (“Runaway” and “Crooked Smile”). The biggest thing is it showed growth. He released a great artistic piece that contained radio hits that weren’t meant for the clubs, which is very difficult in this era. J. Cole challenged himself and his listeners, I don’t feel like Drake did that.
        Now Sam, what are your well-thought and well-constructed opinions? We’re all waiting to hear them.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I’m glad y’all made this recap list, because trying to navigate this big bulky ass site is torture now.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I’m glad y’all made this recap list, because trying to navigate this big bulky ass site is torture now.

    • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

      Right…Im sure Im not the only one that hates that you have to actually “click” on the topics to access the audio/video…that’s what made RR so cool back then was because everything was right there…more “clicks” generate more site views tho…these niggas aint slick

    • DRod

      I hate the new site layout. Everyone was pumped about it initially but when you realize the navigation and amount of content or lacktherof on the screen, you’re like ehh…The need to take the minimalism route…keep it simple and clean.

      • Sam Robilotta

        Hate hate hate. Y’all hate the site so much why are you here??

    • Sam Robilotta

      Just click the tags problem solved. Or if it’s torture just goto another site.

      • Public Hairs

        I do. This is far from the best hip hop site on the web. HipHopDX spanks RR.

        • Sam Robilotta

          Lol well you came back here to leave that comment didn’t you ?

          • Ace Boogie

            Dude what are you the spokesperson for RR STFU your not getting a check from Elliot so STFU. Go troll somewhere else this is a forum for comments. So go ahead and keep commenting on everyone’s opinions since your life depends on others peoples views on a shitty site!!!!! O yeah and by the way I hit it first & you know who this is Sammy boi.

          • Sam Robilotta

            lol nah I’ll just stay here. I like that you are so pissed off at me, the site, the list , Elliot but yet you still come back. It’s just funny how you guys are hating so much on every thing but you still come back over and over to talk shit. What the fuck you gain out of being some mean ass? I just don’t get it. Nah I don’t work for RR but I get a kick out of all the negative energy on here.

  • jc unkut

    Long. Live. ASAP one of the best album the list is strange yo

  • t

    Ariana Grande made a GREAT R&B album, too. I was very surprised

    • carl grimes

      rapradar not bitchradar

  • smash

    until this dude stop dick riding drake so much ill never take what he says seriously. I mean even his producer is high on ever damn list. C’mon Elliott theres more people in the hip hop work than these two.

    • Sam Robilotta

      God damn you guys just fucking hate everything.

  • cj

    most ridiculous list i have ever seen. get off drakes jewish nigga dick its annoying as fuck. and the biggest thing is that you wouldnt put the weeknds kiss land in the best r&b albums….its 10x better than any of those albums. mack wilds…cmon…..the dream…cmon. blogs should be actual opinions. not just picking the artists that pay you to promote them. this website is going downhill.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Lol hate hate hate

  • cj

    and just to be clear Nothing was the same was nothing but but garbage. terrible album. b. dot boutta hop in a wheelchair and become part of degrassi. idk how jay z can stand this dude

    • dopeboyphresh

      You’re just being spiteful. At least give valid reasons as to why you dislike the guy. NWTS is not garbage you could say you don’t like it but even you know its not garbage. Drake in his late 20’s what does it matter that he was on a show in his teens? Let it go… he’s a big deal and will be for a while. JayZ has an ear for music. That is why.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Hahaha garbage????? Fuck out of here!!! That’s your opinion dude. It’s #1 CD get over it !!!

  • YNstillaGtho

    As a Drake superfan even I can admit that while “Hold On We’re Going Home” is a dope song it doesn’t qualify as a top 10 single on a rap website.. you could have taken that out and put in fuckwithmeyouknowigotit. How is that not top 10? I mean it has Jay Z and we know YN you’re on the payroll lollll
    Also I disagree with Big Sean’s hall of fame being disappointing.

  • YNstillaGtho

    Random thought…I do wonder why Beyoncé had no Kanye on her album… not just a feature but I’m talking production/songwriting/general input. She had Justin Timberlake and Drake instead..

  • C’mon homie

    I know everybody has an opinion and I try to respect that when reading these list…. But YN yours consistently suck… You starting to look like them MTV dudes. Everybody got they opinions but u a lil sus

    • Sam Robilotta

      Lol your comment started like it was gonna make sense then it just turned into straight trash. If you don’t like the site why don’t you create your own. I’m sure we will all visit it and praise your opinion.

  • Go go gadget. ASK GLASSES
  • Sean Power

    Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was not a rap single it was RnB single, there was not one rap verse in there

    • The_Man94

      I’ve been saying this since I noticed smh, it’s a shame. Take Care had 60 percent RnB songs on it, and won a grammy for best RAP album..





    • Sam Robilotta

      Lose the caps man. Shit is annoying like that wack ass comment

  • 8Galaxy5

    Get off your Drake ride and make a real rap list instead.

    • Sam Robilotta

      You should go develop your own site kid. You got all the answers. Make your own top 13 list. Lets see if you get anyone hating on your list.

  • LA Tha Gawd™
  • Sam Robilotta

    So this is the only thread disqus is loading on. Y’all need a custom plugin for comments. Why a site with premium WordPress theme is using disqus is beyond me. Just develop a comment plugin. Hit me up if you need help but this shit always takes forever to load but sometimes it doesn’t at all. Right now I can’t get it to load on any other post but this one.

    • Sam Robilotta

      It’s also way to buggy on mobile. Sometimes you can’t even type in the box.

      • sam robilotta mom

        Hey fag boy who’s dick do you have in your mouth? YNs or bdot?

        • Sam Robilotta

          lol was that english? dig the nickname though

  • marty

    Hall of fame was not a disappointment was actually pretty good i think

  • nicoswebaby

    Reincarnated on the worst album list? Y’all buggin, it didn’t get nominated for no reason.

  • daddywes

    Rich homies quan mixtape was fire and should have been in the top ten IMO…

  • carl grimes

    you guys are in love with drake tbh

  • Nickey Negrito

    Black Panties should have been number 2 if not, but you dudes didn’t mention it. Y’all promoted every single he dropped prior to this list. Putting Kelly’s personal life aside and focusing on his genius talent for music, you probably would have added him to your list.

    • Sam Robilotta

      na JT was better then him. Plus RKelly lost as soon as he had sex with a 13 year old.

      • Nickey Negrito

        The troll Sam has made his way to my side of town to say a non talented very coached individual with fake soul is better than R Kelly, and as usual, like all other ppl who don’t know the facts of the case, but for some reason they act like they were the jury deliberating the case, bring up Kelly’s scandal to bury the musical genius he is. Sam you get one reply only from me. I see you all over this site making yourself known by shitting on ppl who don’t share your point of view. You have mad time on your hands buddy, and that’s okay, but due to the meaningless rebuttals I read from you, I got four words to throw your direction “Fuck your opinion troll! “

  • Rainer

    What about 20/20? JT got shaded

    • Sam Robilotta

      yeah! It’s funny .. take a look at 4-13 on the R&B List. Those are better then the 20/20 experience? Part 1 and 2 was better then all them on the list, and the numbers prove it. Totally got shaded. I don’t think JT is worried too much tho lol.

  • farawayfromca

    Damm do yall get paid by drake or something? I dont see kendrick on anything which is crazy..u even added wale to a list when everybody knows his album was borderline garbage and im a wale fan so im sayinb that in a honest disappointment in his album type way..k.dot must not be paying like fag boy drake is huh? His album was good..but kendrick deserves to b on this list and pusha deserves to b higher then what he is to..#honest

  • maniac
  • Abe6772

    I’m starting to lose hope in rap… all music actually. its just shameful at this point. even the record sales agree with me

  • Sam Robilotta

    Wait a second where the fuk is 20/20 experience at???

  • MassConglom

    Drake is Kanye’s off spring, as soon as “Best I Ever Had” dropped I knew that his favorite rapper was Mr. West. Then I listen to Drake’s interviews and what does he say, “Ye is the most influential person in shaping my sound”. Kendrick is the closest to having his own style in this new generation of what I like to call “Fan MC era”.

  • Kyle Butler

    Kendrick got robbed on the best guest verses easily #1


    There’s a lot of dick riding of Drake on these lists

  • boon diddy

    yall should go back to the old format

  • kosh

    old layout is better

  • Loko

    All I can do is LMFAO at these list. RR use to be my favorite site but I guess with more popularity comes more responsibility to dick ride for the basics. MCHG is one of Jays worst records so bad he has to perform Throne songs on tour. Cole’s album was the most forgettable in a couple years. The best & worst single list was out of boredom it seems and Chance easily had the best mixtape that could easily be on the top album list. The site looks nicer but the content has sucked since.

  • TeF

    I disagree with over half of what I see in these lists, but the one that really had me thinking that someone at RR is smoking dust was that Big Sean(All Me) and Drake(Versace) had a better guest verse than Kendrick on that Control. That shit is absurd. As far as content his verse was a 7 at best, but what that verse did for Hip Hop simply has not been done, well, ever. Not to mention it had the entire internet and Twitter hostage for like 5 days. How can you sleep at night posting that those two verses even put a dent in what Control was.

  • Guest

    I try not to say anything; but where is Pusha T?

  • fadsfa

    Hi guys :d Pls, download my mixtape here: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=571345 Some good songs, from club rhythms to motivational stuff. Thx a lot

  • bcl187


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