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  • TeF

    Fuck what anyone says, he deserves his buzz. This guy dropped an album that was far more brilliant than it even got credit for in the media. Fucker created an album world, an interwoven concept album that starts where his last album ended, accompanied by a short movie on youtube, a 100+ page screenplay that you read as you listen to the album and the script instructs you on what songs to play at what moment in order to get a full experience of the song and script. Not only that, he spent months before the album in interviews and posts playing the character that the album was based on convincingly. I gave it a fair read and listen and it was seriously worth my time, He is on another level entirely when it comes to ideas, and had arguably one of the creative releases I have ever seen, with a solid album to show for it, and it flew right over the heads of many people claiming to be Hip Hop heads. There’s enough room in your song library for artists who aren’t Drake. This is why good artists drown in the game, people prefer the bullshit.

    • The Incredible Creation

      Nailed it!

    • bullfrog24

      Completely agree

      First I listened to this album just because it sounded good. Just recently I’ve gone back and put it with the screen play which gives it a new meaning.

      You guys keep listening to migos and future if you want lol

      • TeF

        It’s really an amazing project with a lot of sound concepts, but the script really does deliver the idea he was going for. You just have to admire a cat who really goes deep into his art, I don’t care if his art is finger-painting, go deep into that shit and make something special. #NewRules