• Guest

    drake says a rapper name and this is what happens…shit is funny

  • Sarai Dad

    look at this bs..now hot97 is really reaching…drake says a rappers name and this is what happens? they didnt even hear his music 1st…shit is funny…break some ny artist 1st

    • Guest

      If you heard “Free Crack”. You would realize he deserves the shine he’s gettin’. I haven’t heard or seen any upcoming ny artist mixtapes being reviewed or posted on the top rap/mixtape sites. All I’m saying is that Good music seems to find listeners.

    • Guard

      He said on his BET interview Drake pressured him after they met so yes Drizzy played a role.

  • Trillionare

    Drake defiantly did help him by saying his name but that Free Crack goes this young nigga has talent!!! This interview was wierd, couldnt even finish the whole thing

  • Demo

    These Hot 97 niggas are old and outdated. What a waste of Bibby’s time talking to these bumbs.. I beg that Rosenberg takes a visit the Chicago to pay a visit to get a bette understanding of HIp Hop culture. This is Gangsta music..

  • Toni Strandman

    That Free Crack mixtape is nice tho..

  • angelique.n

    i am pride that drake did that for lil bibby i love he’s song…..young nigga doing it liveing his dream