New Music: August Alsina x Jeezy “Make It Home”

make it home

Are We There Yet?

Not yet. But with his debut Testimony in the works, Def Jam’s August Alsina opens his doors on his brand new single with Jeezy. Album drops April 15.

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  • areal1

    Damn this a real song especially if you ever lived that life jeezy was the right person for this song good verse like I said if you’ve ever lived that street life u can relate sad but true

  • Unknown

    another favor for def jam smh next


    The man can sing. Cant ignore talent.

  • RealNinja

    Nigga said “I hustled cuz I thought it was cool”
    What kinda bullshit is that? That’s what’s so sad with some lame as niggas. I sold dope not cuz it was “cool” but cuz my only choices were drop out of school and work a 9-5 or stay in school, get this piece of paper aka Diploma and sell dope so I can fuckin eat at night and have clothes and shoes and shit that weren’t all fucked.

    • TM

      It’s lame niggas like you that hate to see young dudes with real talent flourish.. The young nigga can sing, he tells the truth in his music, real dudes in the industry fuck with him, but you steal ain’t satisfied? He told his truth, just cause it ain’t your truth doesn’t make the kidd a lame. Most kidd’s today hustled because it was cool, and that’s all they see in their environments. It took the young kidd to lose his brother which made him tighten up and pursue this music shit. August takes care of his family, his brother kids and the nigga is honest. And you still ain’t a fan? Don’t like real music with honesty then change the station bitch nigga.

      • RealNinja

        Lol. Internet warrior.

        • TM

          Far from a internet warrior, just a dude with a opinion who applauds these young dudes for living their truth. I think your a internet bitch nigga whose quick to call someone whose talking honesty “lame”. I can tell you one of those dudes in the club rapping all the lyrics to “I woke in a new Bugatti”, but your light bill still due. Where i’m from we call that being out of touch.

    • areal1

      No diss but he didnt say I hustled CUZ it was cool he said he hustled AND he thought it was cool there’s a difference but in any case that’s his reality u can’t be mad at it u gotta respect it at least he aint lieing about his life

      • TM

        Exactly… Today’s people aren’t fans of real music, instead they prefer fairy tail music… Example “I woke up in a Bugatti”, but in real life i’m still struggling.. August is are modern day Lyfe Jennings, honesty over fairy tale…

        • RealNinja

          LOL, who the fuck said they prefer fairy tales? Yall are retarded AF coming up with shit I didn’t say just to justify your invalid wack ass point. In you guys simple mind if a MF rapped about liking to rape men in the ass and/or snitching on his potnas for a reduced sentence it’s coo cuz he tellin “his truth.” LMAO.

          • areal1

            Like I SAID no diss cuz Im not a Internet banger BUT if a nigga talking about some gay shit I wouldnt say it’s cool or listen to it cuz I can’t relate to that I can relate to someone talking about struggling hustling and not knowing whether you will live the next day but that’s just me you might disagree that’s cool too thats how you feel

          • TM

            Another bitch niggas point of view… Who said anything about snitching that’s what’s on your mind? Cause i’m talking about real music, and your thinking about fucking men in the ass and snitching… I can tell your a old weirdo who can’t stand to see young niggas flourish… I can tell you pussy just by the shit you typed… If a nigga sings/raps about snitching/fucking men he ain’t keeping real, but that’s off topic homie we talking about the track above Aug ft. Jeezy, and how you stated the kidd was lame for telling his truth, and if you think a man is lame for telling his truth then your a bitch nigga in my book nothing more nothing less but a bitch nigga. Face it homie you salty. That song featured words from real dudes who been threw some shit, just like todays young dudes whose going threw some shit and won’t the best for their family, your words featured hating, fucking men, and snitching, that shit ain’t real in my book. P.S. if you prefer men ass that you biz not mine homie, the topic is the track above, bitch nigga. Ha.

    • Wavvyboyj

      Why tf u hating on him nigga who is u first of all u don’t got no room to judge nobody where u at nd where he at think about dat.??? Nd how u kno this is even true about him

  • the real is back

    Shit go hard

  • De’Sean Allen-Eikens

    That was tight on tha real