DJ Kay Slay Ft. Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Sheek Louch, McGruff, N.O.R.E., Lil Fame, Prodigy & Rell “90s Flow”


90s Back.Kay Slay rounds up a who’s who of legends for this monster posse cut that will appear on his upcoming album Rhyme Or Die and mixtape The Rise of A City. Good to see Joe and Slay are back on the same page.


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  • Unknown


  • TOY-T

    put ur eye to the speaker this is rap easter….ghost always killin everything

  • LOL

    what a lineup for a song, basically every 90’s rapper.

  • TimeChange

    damn,the good ole days

  • .:: Urban Hitz Radio™ ::.

    This is Horrible! Horrible Beat and Horrible Lineup. Do’t nobody wanna hear this shit. Either adapt to 2014 or get left behind! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! The torch was stolen!

    • Sam Robilotta

      dumb ass comment right here.

    • Sam Robilotta

      this is a bad lineup!?!?! you must of lost your god damn mind. Hip hop pioneers. Wutang and Mobb deep and you’re saying it’s a bad lineup!?!? K you can go back to listening to Miley Cyrus, and since when is JT bad? lol everyone is entitled to their opinion though..however with that opinion you must not be a hip hop fan, or just not too bright.

  • Knowledge429

    This is hiphop fuk that clown talking about! 2014 better adapt to this!!