• tmb

    i hope the show’s better than those promos

  • brza

    *Drake voice* started

  • Carlos Danger

    them joints is funny stop the hating…i mix thick thumping beats.

  • Boyz

    Excited ..Drake is so unpredictable. gonna be great

  • TreyJbeats

    I don’t have the highest hopes only because SNL just isn’t that funny. I saw Drake in an SNL sketch a couple of years ago he was funny and same with when he hosted the Juno Awards. I’m optimistic he’ll do great as long as he has well written sketches to help him along.
    Elliott… arrange for him and hov to do “poundcake” Ha!

    • Sean Power

      The juno you most be Canadian

  • laurenconnor

    I’m sorry….what was funny about this?

  • el papo


    Thank you snl for ruining drake

    So corny.

    Not funny.

    Just plain stupid.

    You know, I haven’t really watched any television since the age of 12 and there’s very few things I look forward to tuning in to. This was one of them. Not anymore…

  • NativeKing

    it’s going to be a loooooong 10+ years for you Drake haters…when this dude is back into acting and an EVEN BIGGER celeb, them sales are going to kill.